California Cemeteries: Why a Funeral?

Posted by webisimo on October 22nd, 2014

When a person dies without giving specific instructions about a funeral, the general trend is to skip the process. This is the best way to save time and money, some may advise. But, it may not be the case for a family for whom the deceased had been truly important. Consider the following facts before taking a decision with this regard.

Importance of a funeral

Funeral is the best way to honor the deceased. It confirms the reality of death. This is the first step in helping the bereaved to express the grief they are experiencing. Besides, when friends and relatives come together to bury someone, they assist each other to accept this fact and move forward. Funeral had been there with us from the time man came into existence. It still remains the best way to bid farewell to a departed soul. Funeral rites fulfill the following requirements for the family in which the death has occurred.

  1. 1.       Accept the reality of death

This, as mentioned above is the first step in one’s efforts to move forward after a loved one’s death. It happens in two phases. The family is informed that one among its loved ones is no more. This leads to an understanding of the fact; a death has occurred. As days go by, it gets deep into one’s heart. There is no way out; the one who has been so much important for every single member in a family said good bye, life has to go on. This happens only when friends and relatives come together and help the grieved accept the finality of this realization. The rituals of funerals are designed in such a way as to deepen this understanding.

  1. 2.       Express the grief

The understanding of the reality of death takes the family to the next step; expressing the grief. This is an essential element of recovering from an eternal loss. The expressions may happen in varying forms; some may lament, still others may cry. Whatever is the form, these expressions imprint the fact of death in the minds of those who care for the deceased.

  1. 3.       Honoring the departed soul

By this time, the transition begins. The relationship loses its material value and starts gaining a heavenly importance. Here too, properly designed funerals play a vital role. They allow the loved ones share the fond memories of the departed soul.

At the end of it all, things begin changing in the life of the closest to the deceased. Remember, man can never live in isolation. When someone dies, it makes the closest in relation to take up the responsibility. In short, a death leads to the redefining of the role of the nearest of kin of the deceased. Do a research on California cemeteries, this is sure to come up in the first few pages of the search results.

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