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Posted by pqseo14 on October 24th, 2014

Tour de Health is an online platform which provides visitors with the opportunity of helping ‘YOU’ find the best medical facility providers across the globe. Here at TdH, as known globally, individuals will be the author to multiple medical reviews that are made regarding any particular medical institution all over the world, hence; making TdH the largest reliable source for medical reviews. Over the past decades, healthcare has remained to be a priority for all humans with the rise of health insurance, however; in the contemporary times, it has become the most criticized subject around the world and the trust in medical care policies has been simmering down to the extent of being non-existent. Therefore, TdH has taken a step further to allow people to design their own visits to the hospitals nearest to them and have the most authentic information available at all times. TdH intends to make medical care trustworthy again and hence, developed this multipurpose forum of learning through the prior experiences of other patients or visitors of various hospitals. So, who benefits at www.tourdehealth.com? Simply, everyone. On one end, hospitals are able to have effective and instant feedback about the facilities they provide to patients, which leads everything back to YOU. It is your review, your voice and your right which allows another human to benefit from and make the right choices, making healthy changes around themselves. Tour de Health is an unbiased portal which does not affiliate itself with any hospital or government, in fact, only stands to provide the essential information about various institutions in the words of the visitors. An unimaginable number of people around the world are deprived of basic healthcare insurance and continue to strive for it, however; the financial barriers have intensified over the years enough to make it unaffordable. Healthcare issues have risen in the most developed nations as well over the years like the United States of America itself, where health insurance has been one of the most prioritized concerns. With TdH by your side, no individual would have to rely on unauthentic sources of information or make irrelevant searches on the internet and endeavors to bring the best healthcare facilities to the people. We are the voice to your opinion. We are the choice to Medical Tourism.

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