Christmas in Pakistan

Posted by pqseo14 on December 4th, 2014

In every country and in every society there are special days and occasions. A number of special events are planned for the day. These days maybe social, political or religious. Countries where the population consist of one main religion and some other minor religions call for tolerance towards each other. In case people exercise intolerance and discrimination then people who follow other faiths feel insecure, helpless and suspicious, for instance, celebrating Christmas  in Pakistan.


However, in countries where such feelings are non-existent, people not only enjoy and celebrate their events but also fully participate in the events of other faith. This lends more tolerance, harmony and understanding inter faith religions. People are exposed to witness traditions and customs of others which adds variety to life. We are invited to their events and then in turn we invite on our special days. We need to celebrate Christmas in Pakistan and festivals of other religious in order to develop a feeling of mutual understanding and to move forward without inter faith conflicts, as a society. In addition, this is the time where we care for the sick and the down trodden, prisoners, widows and people behind the bars. We feel that at least for one day they may forget their misery and sorrows and enjoy life like the other people.

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