3 Things to Do for the Perfect At-Home Valentineís Day Date

Posted by Little Beet Table on January 30th, 2021

If you’re like many people, you might plan on spending Valentine’s Day at home this year. Whether you want to avoid the crowds or prefer to have a more relaxing night inside, spending Valentine’s night at home can be just as romantic and memorable as going out. But you’ll probably want to do more than simply light a candle on the dinner table. Here are three ways to make your at-home Valentine’s Day date extra special.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Atmosphere can be everything to the dining experience. There’s a reason why your favorite Park Avenue restaurant looks and feels different when you’re getting ready to sit down and eat. The sounds and sights surrounding the meal can be just as important to the experience as the food itself. You might not go out to a loud, busy restaurant or bar for Valentine’s Day, so why would you allow distractions to enter your private dining room? Try to minimize disruptions by turning the television off and limiting phone use. Consider having some soft, gentle music playing in the background. In a quiet, sophisticated atmosphere like this, you and your valentine have the opportunity to create a truly special moment.

Decide if You Really Feel Like Cooking

With the atmosphere of your Valentine’s Day date planned out, you should decide if you really want to cook. Since you’re skipping the dining-out part, the culinary spotlight is on you—or is it? If you think your only options are to either stress over a filet mignon or order a pizza, try again. There are plenty of great Greenwich restaurants that specialize in wholesome meals and offer takeout and delivery.

Little Beet Table stands out as a premium choice among those restaurants because they specialize in fresh, elevated dishes using locally sourced, in-season ingredients whenever possible. So, if you think that ordering takeout for Valentine’s Day night needs to be a letdown, think again and order from a restaurant that specializes in appealing, elevated cuisine.

Add the Final Touches

The best date nights are about more than sitting down and enjoying a meal. It should be a special event that you’ll remember for months and years to come. Even if you aren’t going to the most expensive restaurant in town and then seeing a movie in theaters afterward, you can still make your home date special. It’s all in the details. Put out a tablecloth, set the table, and pour a couple of glasses of your favorite beverage while you wait for your nutritious delivery order to arrive. You’re ready for a memorable Valentine’s Day experience, and you didn’t even need to leave your home!

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