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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

So it?s another lonely day at the office, when you really just sit around and do nothing. You?re on a corporate PC that has everything locked ? no music, no movies, nothing. All you have is your web browser and you want to download free games. Don?t despair, there is a way.

With the evolution of flash technology, games are now available in your web browser. All you have to do is type in and voila ? endless arcade game entertainment. Most addictive online games are usually">strategy games, as they eat up your time by making you think ? not just do mindless button mashing. Is that a good thing? Probably. It sure beats degrading yourself with pointless shooters (but those are also fun).

The most popular game on playedonline is Tetris. And make no mistake, Tetris isn?t dead. It?s just one of those games that?s so addictive, you can spend countless hours trying to beat your previous record. And while it seems like a pointless arcade game, it actually demands as much thought as a strategy game ? but with very limited reaction time.

There are also more complex games, such as Invasion 3. This game allows you to build and upgrade soldiers and archers. You can create battering rams, call in the cavalry and use bombers and cannons to destroy the enemy castle. Lots of fun, but demands a fair amount of strategy involved.

If you?re the medieval type of guy, there?s always a game called Age of Castles. It literally allows you to build your own castle. You recruit workers that do the actual building, train soldiers that defend your sanctuary and get merchants to start trading, expanding and conquering the world.
But as games tend to get more and more? simple, the most interesting games are usually not what you would expect. Two years ago a game called ?Penguin Swing? came out. It was an incredible hit. All you do is press a single button 2 times. First you press it to let the penguin drop down, and while he falls, you have to time your swing and slam him with a bat so that he flies to the side of the screen. Depending on your timing, his ?flight? distance will differ. The trick is to get the longest distance possible. Another trick is to land him on various boosts that make him fly even further. This game doesn?t have much interaction at all, so after 2 clicks you just hope to get the longest distance. But hey, it?s entertaining to slam a penguin with a bat and see how long he flies.

Overall free online games are great entertainment, both for killing time and stress.

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