Things to Expect from a Legal Criminal Process

Posted by vendelajar on November 3rd, 2014

One can face crime in different forms and all the right criminal law procedures vary from state to state. Apparently, the fundamental process may generally be the same no matter where you are been arrested. The key agenda of any criminal process is to determine if you’ve got enough evidences in order to proof a committed crime. You may be proved innocent or maybe presumed so but the burden is highly established on prosecution to prove so.

Process to Arrest the Right Suspect


A typical criminal process may actually begin with an arrest as police might formally take you into custody. In case any such thing happens then do whatever seems right and make sure you keep your silence and never divulge anything that may go against you. All you need to do is and is advised to ask for your own attorney as you too have all the rights to hire one who can easily give you justice. Do as you are advised but police isn’t supposed to inform you until they choose to question you back.

Arrest Warrant


The police may have arrested you until accusation or maybe you can release with the proper information about your first court date. In case someone fails to appear as ordered by court, a judge will issue a warrant ordering the police to get you from wherever you are before the court.

Requirement to Plea at the Accusation (Arraignment)


The arraignment is supposed to be your first court hearing followed by an arrest. The judge shall tell you about your crimes and everything you’ve been accused of committing and then you are required to enter a plea for each crime. No matter you have pleaded guilty or not, if you want to hire an attorney but can’t afford one then judge will certainly assign an attorney to you. If you are in police custody the judge may set you free on bail while your case is still working through the system.

Judging whether a Trial can be Held or not   


After the arraignment it’s usually a preliminary hearing or a grand jury preceding that takes place. A preliminary hearing provides you proper chance to convince a judge that they’ve got enough evidences to go for a trial. The prosecution can actually present their evidence and can even question witnesses to do the same. A proceeding allows the prosecution to evenly present evidence to a special jury. The jury will decide your case and the right verdict shall be presented by the judge.

A Criminal Lawyer can surely help  

The right attorney knows criminal law in Singapore and is aware that it is complicated. Hire the best in business lawyer and seek proper justice with each right bestowed on you.

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