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Posted by Defender School LLC on February 2nd, 2021

The contemporary Active Shooter Response has constantly evolved since approximately a decade ago. The change is necessary to continue the improvement and development of the active shooter response training mission. Nearly on the weekly basis, there are reports of an active shooter in the workplace. Active shooter incidents are likely to occur in both rural and urban healthcare facilities at any time.

What are the behavioral indicators of potential shooters?

  • Individual with personal grievance. 
  • Individuals have a fascination with weapons and explosives, and constantly talking or watching related videos.
  • Those persons are volatile, angry, and find fault in everything.
  • The person with rigid beliefs that someone is out to get them.

Online Active Shooter Response Courses Highlights

The Active Shooter Response Courses provide employees the nationally recognized procedures to use in the event of an active shooter incident by highlighting the safety and security measures at the state level. Our goal is to offer strategies to increase the possibilities of survival without any fear. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Help to protect them in active shooter situations.
  • Let civilians know how to respond when the police arrive.
  • Explain the steps to civilians to assess and respond to an active shooter situation

What do you expect from Online Active Shooter Courses?

The duration of Online Active Shooter Courses is approximately 1-2 hours. It has two versions with different amenities and is delivered in the form of a live online webinar. The one hour version of the training offers a PowerPoint presentation with Q&A at the end. The two-hour version of the training service is more comprehensive than the above one as it is paired with active shooter awareness training drills and assessment of the employer’s building.

What do employers will receive from this course? 

  • Self-protection/safety awareness tips during an active shooter incident.
  • Know how to react during an active shooter incident in the workplace.
  • Be confident about being a survivor, not a victim.
  • Identifying the most effective hiding places and escape routes.

Respond Immediately To an Active Shooter Situation:

It is not unusual for people confronted with the threat to first deny the possible danger rather than respond. Trained staff rise above denial and respond immediately including fulfilling their responsibilities for individuals. For example, train staff to be acquainted with the sounds of danger, action, and communicate the danger, and necessary action has been taken by those who are in their charge. Besides, repetition in training and awareness shortens the time it takes to acquaint, observe, and act.                                 

Active Shooter Incidents are ever-increasing across the United States. Law enforcement personnel must constantly adapt to the ever-changing active shooter. Situational awareness is the only key to stay alive during an active shooter event. This Online Active Shooter Response Courses has been designed for individuals for both the public and private sectors. To contact the active shooter preparedness team, please send an email to info@defenderschool.comIn case of an emergency or any incident call on 911 or contact your local law enforcement.

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