Why High Density Eco Mass Material Is Best Lead Alternative?

Posted by Michael Luis on February 2nd, 2021

Medical equipment and machines often make use of lead. The machines also produce excess vibration. This needs proper solutions or else the internal parts get damaged. Lead may also support a heat pack. This results in wear and tear before time.

Eco mass materials are considered as advanced technology. The material in itself is heavy density but lightweight.

The material helps in reducing vibrations, and thus wear and tear

It is also more cost-effective as compared to lead

It is quite resistant to heat as compared to lead

These are few reasons why eco mass material is the best alternative for lead free shielding. The material is widely used in machines and medical devices.

Easy installation

To install lead, you may need advanced technology If you use Eco Mass material, the process of installation is easy. The material is best when mass-produced. You can use simple molding technology, even during the installation process.

The material can also be installed in the base to kill the vibration. This is why it makes as best base pad material. Machine parts can also be made up of Eco Mass material. The molding technology reduces the installation time.

Replacement benefits

Lead is always expensive metal. Replacing lead-based parts will always be an expensive option. In some cases, you may have to replace the entire machine, if the part is intact. This is not an issue with Eco Mass material.

You can replace a single pad or a single machine part. If the material is used in the external body frame, then you can replace a single frame as well. The material is easy and can be replicated. Being lightweight, it is also easy to handle during replacing.

Best final finish

Lead may never offer a smooth finish. It has to be polished to give its final looks. Eco mass material is not difficult to manufacture. You can get the final finish right after the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers make use of advanced molding machines to offer it with any shape. You can twist it or turn it. The injection molding technique opens up new doors for using this material. It is a much better option as compared to glass, rubber, or plastic as well.

Improved life

Lead and any other metal will always have a very limited life span if the metal is used as shielding material it has to be replaced after a fixed time interval. This is not the issue with Eco Mass material. It offers an extended life span.

Once used high density polymer Eco Mass material does not need replacement. You need no replacement. It does not easily get damaged. This is why it is best for use in medical devices and equipment where lead is used.

Eco mass material is also eco friendly. It is considered a better health option. It does not damage the ecosystem or your health. Lead is toxic by nature. It will produce toxins during the manufacturing process as well. Eco mass is not the same as it is a safe to use option.

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