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Posted by khanrehman930 on November 28th, 2014

Until now, UAE has been a major location for foreign investment but now it is coming up as one of the promising location for doing business. With major business houses coming over here for business, there is a need of regularizing things in a better manner making foreign business investment easier for everyone. UAE offshore company registration is one such method that has made it possible for the foreign companies to enjoy easy business conditions in UAE. They may start up anywhere in UAE but the regulatory method of offshore registration will make them available with a wide range of benefits. The localized business groups mostly enjoy all these benefits until the introduction of offshore registration.

Often foreign companies are not provided with any benefit or safety in a country. They have to start the business at their own risk while tackling and dodging a lot of other problems during their tenure. However, with UAE offshore company registration, they can easily work on all the issues while enjoying endless benefits financially and legally. Some of the highlights of this registration are:

-        Optimization of Tax!

In several companies open for global business, foreign entities have to pay more tax in comparison to the local business houses. In UAE, this offshore registration helps offshore company to enjoy optimized taxes hence a reduction in the regular tax payments. It helps offshore companies to have reduced taxes due to the 0% tax rates followed in UAE and the Double Tax Avoidance agreements signed by UAE with various countries worldwide.

-        Protection of asset!

All the assets related to the company or the owners in UAE are protected from all issues under the offshore company registration. You can buy, sell and use the assets for the growth of your company instead of relying on the rentals, which is generally done in foreign countries. You can buy them in UAE, through legal means. Holding an asset is also possible for corporate houses through legal means once you have your registration done.

There are a lot of entities who can benefit from UAE offshore company registration such as all the professionals who are employed in different foreign countries, companies engaged into overseas transactions at a significant level and individuals with high net worth. Contact UAE based business law firms to find out more about this offshore registration if you are planning to begin business investment in UAE. It is better to utilize the available opportunities than fuss over liabilities.

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