Divorce Mediation in brief

Posted by khanrehman930 on February 26th, 2015

In life, everyone has to face the phase of going through the ups and downs of life. Then you need to get out of it and move on in life. People in this generation are straightforward and cannot tolerate any nuisance. They also have lots of misunderstanding which result in the breaking of relationship. Many marriages have ended on a sad note and this disruption is spreading everywhere in all kinds of relationships.  This is because many people lose trust in their relation or are doubtful about it. In this article we have discussed about divorce mediation its advantages and disadvantages.

The divorce stage occurs in case of six reasons, which includes emotional, legal, economic, co-parent, psychic and community. This is where a person uses divorce mediation. The court gives time to improve the quality of families, which is a very common way to save marriages. However, in case nothing is improved then one has to take divorce.

The mediation is a process where a mediator tries to resolve problem between the husband and wife. They help them understand every aspect of divorce. The mediator explains them that it is not just their separation, but shattering of their household, which will have a huge impact on the minds of their kids. The mediator assists the parties by making them understand the real view of divorce thus, convincing them to negotiate in good terms for a better future. 

The mediators are appointed by the court by successful agreement of the lawyers of both parties. It is important to understand that the mediators can only suggest it depends on the parties’ whether or not to accept these terms. Some of the common advantages and disadvantages of mediation are


1.  Both the parties are free to air their concerns.

2.  An unbiased person assists both the parties

3.  Both the parties have control over the outcome

4.  They can decide whether or not to take the suggestion seriously

5.  The costs are cut to a great extent

6.  They take special care of privacy


1.  You cannot expect both parties to cooperate well.

2.  The other party will not accept your suggestions.

3.  They may not be participative and they will soon lose interest too.

We can conclude that if a couple wants to really save their marriage, they will do everything to save the marriage. They will try to settle down all their misunderstanding and lead a happy life. Everything depends on the mediation. The best Mediation Center in UAE  is available. They are a set of highly profiled personnel and strive hard to sort all your problems thus, saving your marriage.

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