How crucial is charge entry in getting claims paid faster?

Posted by mgsionline on December 1st, 2014

Medical billing and collections can be a complicated process and involves several steps. These steps include, charge entry, insurance verification, data conversion, claim submission, and revenue cycle management. All of these steps must be completed to get positive results. The most reliable way to achieve these results would be to outsource all of your medical claims processing by choosing a very reliable physicians billing services company. Charge entry is the most important step in medical billing and collections and it should be given the most attention regarding medical claims processing. Utilizing a physicians billing services company can be most helpful in the medical billing and collections arena as all of the above mentioned steps are done in a very methodical manner. This typically cannot be achieved in-house due to limited staff, knowledge of updates to the billing processes and the continuous attention to detail that is afforded, when using a reputable physician billing services company.

Revenue Cycle Management Processes:  Without a good foundation to build on with regards to revenue cycle processes, medical practices cannot achieve total success as it pertains to cash flows and their income. Choosing to outsource medical billing by using a reputable physicians billing services company without a doubt assists practices achieve such a goal. Physicians billing services companies already have these practices in place and when practices utilize outsourced medical billing, it not only saves time, but it also saves money and improves positive cash flow. Practice accounting processes improve as well during medical claims processing when using a proven and reputable physicians billing and collections company that has already in place a proven and thoroughly vetted medical claims processing work flow.

Avoiding Denied & Rejected Claims: Mistakes do happen during medical billing and collections. Most often they usually result from charge entry errors and can continue to snowball in the entire medical and billing process if not caught early. Utilizing outsourced medical billing can make the entire medical billing and collections process less painful, not to mention more profitable by using a very dependable physicians billing and collections company. By using this method, all claims are not only entered correctly but are verified, followed up on, and processed in their entirety. The importance of medical billing and collections should not be taken lightly more times than not, as it causes financial strife within the practice. Choosing to outsource medical billing allows you the opportunity of delivering more focused patient care and keeps the financial anatomy of your practice healthy, not to mention more profitable.

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MGSI is adept in handling medical billing and collections prudently. Therefore, providers can get help from this top-notch outsourced medical billing company that has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare space. Based in Florida, MGSI is a national billing company that has been managing medical billing and collections, patient eligibility verification, and healthcare denial management for its clientele of Providers, Medical Groups, and Hospitals. To learn more details, visit us at

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