Essential Facts of LASIK and Custom LASIK Surgical Procedures

Posted by aceofdent on December 16th, 2014

Before few years, eye patients have to rely on the usage of contact lenses or eyeglasses recommended by their eye doctors. The main problem with these equipments is that such tools further annoy or lead to difficulty for people. In addition, traditional type of optical surgery done during the past also creates further complications for patients.

Thus, in order to avoid all these problems, surgeons of the optical sector have introduced LASIK surgery or laser eye surgery. In this type of surgical process, doctors diagnose and treat patients by the application of laser beams, instead of any surgical blades or other surgical devices used during old times. Many individuals chosen for this type of surgery have witnessed improved vision and in turn forgotten about the application of other devices, like contact lenses and glasses.

With the advancement of technology, eye clinics and eye surgery hospitals have succeeded to apply many innovative techniques to perform the actual eye surgery in perfect manner. For instance, Dr. Niksarli and his assistants working under the Manhattan Eye Hospital have applied latest surgical equipments to perform the custom laser eye surgery depending on varying requirements of patients.

Facts about the Latest Surgical Process

Gives Outcome in Less Duration

Optical surgeons have introduced the Laser eye surgery process to bring improvements in the vision of patients and allow them to receive outcome within less duration as possible.

Involves Use of Special Knife

Another interesting fact about the laser eye surgery is that it involves the use of microkeratome or a special knife. This instrument cuts a circular and thin flap inside the eye cornea. Alternatively, doctors also recommend for the use of another type of equipment referred as the excimer laser, which performs the actual function in relatively more accurate manner and in turn assures for better outcomes.

Cornea Reforms after Surgery

After cutting the flap present over the eye cornea, Lasik eye surgeon would fold it away from its path and remove extra corneal tissue. In this case, excimer laser helps in getting rid of additional tissues via application of cool and ultraviolet light rays. After removal of extra tissues, cornea reforms and leads to better focus light in human eyes and over the retina. Thus, patients can improve their visions in no time. In other words, restoration of flap takes place to cover every missing area present nearby the corneal tissue.

Painless Surgery Technique

Major fact that has convinced many patients to choose for the advanced laser surgery performed by qualified and experienced surgeons working under Dr. Niksarli is that it allows for painless and quick surgical technique. In fact, before the surgical process, doctors use suitable eye drops to anesthetize or numb the eyes of patients. During the whole surgery, patients remain conscious and awake. Other than this, many patients can even return their homes on the same day after undergoing the surgical procedure.

Custom Lasik Procedure at Manhattan Clinic

Dr. Niksarli and other reputable optical surgeons of the Manhattan Eye Clinic provide Custom Lasik procedure for their patients. This type of laser eye surgery delivers unique level of corrective solutions for every individual. The procedure employs the Star S4 laser or Wavescan laser system to take the eye fingerprint, which is about 25 times highly precise as compared to the measurements taken via any other similar type of method. Therefore, in this way, via customized surgery, patients could expect to overcome different forms of vision problems, like astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness.

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