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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

Hello everyone!

College dating seems to be very important in the span of someone's life, whether it be the list of people they hooked up with or the person they married. I know more friends who coupled up and stayed coupled while meeting in college. I just graduated from Bentley College near Boston, MA and I realize the potential for success by finding your true love in College.

My story begins as a sophomore in college. I'm living in a suite room with 7 other guys, I know it sounds like a lot, but actually it was quite spacious and a ton of fun. One weekend I was invited to go out for Thai food downtown Boston, interesting enough the restaurant burned down two weeks later. We piled in my friend's SUV with a bunch of other friends. This one girl in the back seat I never met before.

Anyway by the nights end I was comfortable to be myself around her, and somehow ended up making her pee her pants, while I made a complete fool of myself. So that is where it all began. Almost 3 years later we are still together, and getting together with different groups of friends produced several other 'couple friends' we hang out with today.

My point is that now that I am out of college, I see that these large get together of friends only happens in college. Now that I am out of college most of the time I get together with friends never includes different groups. It seems that on Friday night we hang out with one group while on Saturday we go hang out with completely different people, without any opportunity for chance meetings of two people.

So far I know several older people than myself who have yet to find someone after all these years simply because they didn't take the opportunity in college to find someone special.

I read somewhere that if a girl is not married by age 30 the chance of her getting married decreases tremendously. It almost seems like your success after college depends upon these bonds and relationships you form while inside the confines of your campus... what do you think?

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