The Revolutionizing Agricultural Tools And Its Impact On Agriculture

Posted by loveofsoil on December 18th, 2014

Agriculture is the process of land production that is traced to the prehistoric times. The concept of ‘agriculture’ comprises of a whole range of concept from cultivation of plants, animals, fungi so as to attain food, biofuel, fibre, medicinal products, etc. No wonder, the notion of agriculture played a crucial role in the rise of human civilization. For those interested in studying agriculture should opt for agricultural science.

The development and process of agriculture depends extensively on varied cultures, climatic conditions and even technologies. It requires the right scientific aids, tools, irrigation methods to translate lands into productive fields. With the inception of Industrial Revolution, many things changed in this scenario wherein, agricultural farming was not solely conducted for sustenance of farmers and for their own consumption, but also for cash crops that were used for trade. Post Industrial Revolution that followed from 1760 to somewhere between 1820 and 1840, there was a huge transition in the manufacturing process. The period witnessed radical changes in machine tools in every field that brought revolutionary changes for the well-being of every living object on earth. 

It is without least doubt that the field of agriculture was not left behind too. It progressed in leaps and bounds touching every country from the first world countries to the third world countries. The Industrial Revolution had first started in Great Britain and it gradually spread to different places of Unites States and Western Europe.

Well, it is interesting for you to know that in major response to new inventions of technologies, there has a commendable shift in the various agricultural practices. Modern plant breeding, agronomy, agrochemicals like fertilizers and pesticides have sharply escalated yields from the process of cultivation. Over a period of time, there have been new discoveries and introductions in machinery that have crept slowly in the industrial field and have brought remarkable changes with advanced tools that caused a boom in farming.

If you delve deep into this field, you will learn about the several tools that are being used today that have indeed changed the face of cultivation. If you get into the list, it’s a long one, but we would prefer to mention a few here as follows:

  • Tractor or two-wheel tractor
  • Dragged teeth that help to pierce soil
  • Cultipacker
  • Chisel plow
  • Harrow
  • Rotator
  • Roller
  • Fertilizer spreader
  • Manure spreader
  • Sprayer, and so on.

While cultivation and irrigation play integral to farming; protecting crops from pests also play a huge role. In that case, hand-held power sprayers are commonly used to apply pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides on agricultural crops. An agricultural power sprayer has a kind of nozzle fitted at its mouth that is used in applying fertilizers to plants and crops. In this light, it is worth mentioning that Love of Soil 119 is a renowned company in Korea that has earned its reputation for introducing agricultural power sprayer in Korea, which has revolutionizing features. Apart from this, the company is also known for introducing scientific farming and an array of agricultural farming equipments. Being a sol power manufacturer in Korea, the company gets a thumb up for its great many productions.

Hence, it can be concluded that the technique of farming has changed in huge strides and the introduction of different tools play a crucial role in this.

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