Authentic Native American jewelry is valuable and long-lasting

Posted by AllmaJess on December 19th, 2014

Throughout the past decade, Indian style jewelry has gained lots of appreciation worldwide. Authentic Native American jewelry is made with natural stones and materials, especially Turquoise and silver. Because each Native American tribe has its own crafting methods and preferences in what concerns stones, there are various styles of jewelry. Let’s discuss a few of the most important categories.

Native American culture is very rich and diversified, and this is exactly what attracts people to it. The different tribes that compose the Native Americans create authentic Native American jewelry with unique features. For instance, the Hopi tribe is particularly famous for the use of silver overlay in jewelry crafting. The artists from this tribe often use all sorts of symbols in their jewelries: animals, clan symbols, nature etc. By far the most known and appreciated authentic Native American jewelry style is the one developed by the Navajo tribe. The objects produced by Navajo artists are easily recognizable because, most often, the jewels are made with Turquoise stones, shells and different organic materials. Turquoise and silver is a typical combination of Navajo jewelries and has become a mainstream trend in Indian inspired accessories. Turquoise is also favored by the Pueblo clan. These masters of jewelry use different stones, red clay and other natural materials to create wonderful jewelries that reflect the full richness and diversity of Native American culture. Last, but not least, we’ll say a few things about Zuni. The artists pertaining to this tribe often create very intricate jewelry, mixing silver and all sorts of stones to create unique pieces. One of their trademarks is the fetish animal, which is used on most of the jewelry they handcraft.

Native American culture is a culture that positions man in direct connection with nature, hence the preference for natural stones, wood, shells and other ‘products’ of nature in jewelry making. The items produced by Indian artists are valuable in more than one way: being made with natural gems and precious metals, they have economic value; because the artwork is intricate and elegant, they have aesthetical value; because the jewelry carries meanings derived from Native American culture, it has historical value. Therefore, when you buy authentic Native American jewelry, you buy more than just some ornamental items; you buy masterpieces of Native American culture whose value will grow even more in time.

Of course, if you get yourself a ring, bracelet, necklace or another jewel made by Indian artists, you must also know how take proper care of the jewelry. Artists themselves can give you important tips on how to clean and preserve the stones so that the jewelry can look good for a long time. You can also find great maintenance suggestions online, on various associations’ websites. Treat these precious items with care; after all, this is what artists do as well, this is how they create them – they put all their heart into each jewelry item they handcraft.

Read these tips on how to care for authentic Native American jewelry. Native American culture specialists will tell you all you need to know about preserving the jewelry in perfect condition.

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