How Important are the Social Media Agencies Actually

Posted by Aaeesha on December 19th, 2014

Marketing is equally important as maintaining the quality of service offered by a company. However, just posting some tweets and some Facebook links to another business's website content will surely not catapult any business to million followers or their likes that can be controlled or leveraged. Even the business content might not have the assurance of being viewed. These tactics are not "social", in fact, this too is advertising – a form of one way communication right from an organization to the consumers. Listening along with passing the message is very important and it is a smart idea to let the efficient and proficient social media agency do the needful their way.

In order to deliver significant value to all the consumers, one needs to make repeated and thorough researches of the products. What exactly is being sold? To whom are the products being sold? Which is the target market? The type of advertising which would have the best impact depends on the answers to these questions. What is being advertised and in which area is the activity being done, is very important. That includes the hoardings, the online advertisements, the offline promotions, the posters, the messages, etc. For instance, any of the digital marketing agency UAE specialists cannot and will never install the hoarding of an LCD television in a slum area. The purpose will never be served that way. It is always advisable to remember the 4 P's of marketing, which are: Produce, Price, Place and Promotion.

With the propagation of the so-called ‘social media experts’ nearly outnumbering the number of phone users, the marketing world is beginning to worry if it is wise for any business to actually use a social media agency. Many claim that some of these social media agencies are taking wrong advantage of the business owners who basically don't know any better about this medium. Pretense is all that these fraud agencies have, along with the tools and tactics, but have little to no approach to fulfill business goals. Digital marketing agency UAE specialists are known to be well qualified and well equipped. But if people, who have less or no idea about the new agencies, want the help of marketing and media, they should stick to the conventional advertising methodologies and survey about associated media agencies in the meanwhile.

Agencies specialized in Social Media have brought results to business owners like never before. In a February 2011 report of Altimeter Group it was disclosed that 59% of the companies use boutique of social media agencies as compared to 35% that still use conventional agencies in their social business activities. Meanwhile, it was discovered through a 2011 Ad agency report that 60% of digital services revenue actually came from the digital-specialty agencies.

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