Why It Is a Must for an Accused to Have a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Posted by vendelajar on December 29th, 2014

A criminal defence lawyer is not only necessary for a person charged under criminal law but also a right of the accused to have legal representation and a fair trial according to the justice system prevalent in whichever country the charges have been pressed.

Getting Charged Disrupts Normal Living


When a person is convicted for a crime, even after serving the sentence it becomes difficult to rehabilitate in the society. The personal and professional life of the person gets affected to an extent depending on the nature of the crime he or she was convicted for. It becomes difficult to secure a meaningful job as employers become hesitant and the society starts looking at that person differently.

Conviction can also lead to the person being debarred from using certain civil rights which are otherwise granted to all citizens. Therefore, it is best to avoid getting into a situation where you might face criminal indictment by law.

Importance of a Criminal Defence Lawyer


If you have been charged under criminal law, then the best and foremost counter-measure for you is to hire a criminal defence lawyer. This is your best chance of getting saving your professional and personal life, as well as for standing a chance in a court. Sometimes people think self-representation which, although is allowed by law, is not advisable.

Experience Counts


The experience and skills that a criminal defence lawyer possesses cannot be matched even of one reads up several law books. During a trial in a court, a criminal defence lawyer uses negotiation skills and intricate knowledge of the law, whereas an inexperienced person would be easily caught in a tough spot by the prosecution.

Case Investigation


Your defence lawyer will also investigate your case in detail to find holes in the case put forward by the prosecution. The lawyer will examine the evidence collected by the investigating authorities and search for further evidence that can help your case.

Best Chance for a Favourable Outcome


A criminal defence lawyer is a must for you if you are facing criminal charges. Unlike civil cases, criminal cases come with sentences that can range from hefty fines to serving time in a prison. In fact getting a bail can be tricky unless you have a lawyer by your side. Criminal lawyers are trained specifically to deal with such cases and through their skills and knowledge can get you acquitted, or get you a lenient sentence for you.

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