Led lights Do they have toxic effects on health?

Posted by Madison on February 10th, 2021

What can be the damages?
However, the use of these bulbs has been increasing in recent years. In addition to being used in homes, they can also be found in vehicles, cell phone screens, tablets, computers, among other devices.

Some experts believe that this "phototoxic" effect does not concern the screens, since the light from these devices is very low. On the other hand, "an exposure to intense and acute light is phototoxic since it leads to the irreversible loss of retinal cells, which can lead to a decrease in visual acuity.

Studies show that the effects of LED light during the evening, affect the biological rhythm and therefore sleep. In addition, these impacts on sleep can develop other diseases, such as the development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, even cancer.

It is recommended to favor "warm white" lights and limit exposure to intense blue light on LED screens, before going to bed and at night. In addition to the efficient use of screen protectors or filter lenses, anti-blue light.

According to the World Health Organization, one out of two people will be myopic in 2050 as a result of several factors, including lack of time outdoors and time in front of screens and artificial light.

It is estimated that 58% of people spend more than eight hours a day under LED lighting, so there is concern that the emission levels of some artificial lights could be harmful to health. Some people with diseases that make them photosensitive claim that energy-saving lamps such as LED light make their symptoms worse and influence a large number of diseases.

Andrew Stockman, professor at the Institute of Ophthalmology at University College London (UCL), commented that the type of lighting we use every day can have an impact on our quality of life. For example, controlling the color and intensity of lighting throughout the day can improve our sleep patterns, which can be critical to well-being and health. Conversely, flickering artificial light and strobes can have detrimental effects on quality of life, leading to eye discomfort, headaches, and infrequently, epileptic seizures, so choosing the right lighting is very important.

According to the expert, modern LED lighting as we know it now is just as safe in its hue as incandescent lights and many times safer than the light from computer screens, phones and tablets. "LED lighting has significantly fewer disadvantages than most lights, and this type of technology has been improving and all lamps have safety requirements,".

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