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Posted by Emerson Benjamin on February 11th, 2021

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Most of our candidates undergo background checks. Many of our customers are thinking about what the candidates really think about this. We have asked!

What do your candidates say about background checks?

The candidates are consistently positive about background checks. Our recruitment processes are in all stages a collaboration with the candidate and it is important to have a clear communication about background checks in the contact with the candidate at an early stage. The vast majority express themselves that it is serious. A prerequisite for doing background checker is that we have the candidate's permission and that he or she understands the purpose. The candidate therefore receives their own copy of the report.

Most of background checker companies are standalone. Organizations are going to access them whenever they wish to run a document. Some, nevertheless, are actually supplied as aspect of a much larger incorporated HR software service that makes the attribute accessible for an included expense. Others concentrate mainly in the data portion and provide application programs user interface (API) that developers can use to even more seamlessly create background check assimilation into their specific in-house solutions, existing third-party human resources (Human Resources) systems, or even other relevant software. Human Resources teams often depend on multiple companies to generate a much more balanced or even insightful candidate account. Interacting several solutions, having said that, can quickly become costly and redundant if they create much of the exact same background data.

TNG has included background checks in all its recruitments, why?

Is it really needed for all types of services? TNG recruits for serious employers who want to make informed employment decisions. Making a fact check of the person's background is therefore reasonable, but only forms part of the overall assessment. Hiring the most suitable person for the job is also about avoiding hiring a person who may be directly unsuitable for the company and its other employees.

Is it common to do background checks in Sweden, does it occur in other countries?

Background checks on employment have been made in Sweden for a long time, especially in the form of reference shots. An extended background check is relatively new. But in the United States, for example, this is a common practice, and the origin of the control is that American unions demanded that employers check new employees more closely to safeguard the safety of existing employees.

Does it often happen that something unexpected appears in these checks?

Every fourth check contains a remark of some kind, but usually of such a nature that it does not affect the employment decision at all.

Does this mean that you can not get any jobs through you if you have done something that is visible in some registers?

No, the fact that you are in the register or have a payment remark does not automatically mean that you lose the chance of a job. However, we and our clients feel that it is safer to have talked through the background with the candidate. Our experience is that in most cases you are free rather than trapped. Over 80% of people who have a remark at all in a background check receive a job offer. For most people, it does not matter to an employer that they have a remark. Experience says that the employer tends to overlook a lot when you feel that you have a better overall view.

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Why does TNG recommend background checks when recruiting?

A thorough and well-executed recruitment process lays the foundation for most companies' success.

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