The things that guys want to know about their Russian brides (Part 4)

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

What do guys usually want to know about their online brides? These are the most important questions asked by men from our online brides. Tips of what to ask and what not to ask your online bride while corresponding with her.

13) What?s your typical day?

The typical day of any>Russian bride is quite intensive. It starts early in the morning and lasts till late night. She?s got to sort many things during her working day. And even on the week-ends she?s got to do house work.

Actually, Russian women do all the housing stuff by themselves. After their working day they have to cook, clean their place and do shopping. All what they do is they try to comfort their family and do everything possible to make all of their relatives, parents, kids happy and keep them warm. A guy who came to Almaty to marry his online bride was surprised when he saw how many things his beloved woman has to sort during the day and at the same time she stays so well-groomed, elegant and beautiful. He even said that any American woman would die after one year of living in CIS.

14) What would your family react if you decide to move to a different country far away from them?

Before girls decide to start their searches in the Internet, they probably agree on this with their parents and ask their advices and permission. When we talk about the>Russian brides, we have to take into consideration that they have such a mentality of respect to their older relatives. It means that if they made a decision to go to the marriage agency, they must be sorted everything with their parents.

If we are talking about all the FSU women in general, most of them will keep very close relationships with their parents, they probably will discuss the possibility of this type of search with them. Most parents agree with their daughter decision as any parent wants to see their kids happy ? no matter where the happiness awaits for them.

15) What have you never had in a relationship that you dream of?

Every woman dreams of being gently treated, respected and the most important thing is that every girl just wants to be understood by her man. Since males and females do percept things differently due to their way of logics distinction, both sexes see things in different ways. Everybody knows about that, but still people tend to apply their world perception to the others and this may be the first reason of conflicts and misunderstanding appearance in relationships between men and women. However, females are more patient, and even though they are more sensitive and emotional they always try to understand their men if they feel sincerity and openheartedness from the other side. The thing is that due to their inborn maternal instinct, woman always tries to help, to protect, understand, comfort and sacrifice for a person that is close to her. But at the same time woman wants her man to appreciate all her care for him and have some kind of reward for that. Woman always wants to have harmony in relationship and she always wants her man to be patient and understanding with her. Probably this is the thing that woman dreams of in relationship with her man.

16) Are you all about money or are you just seeking your way out of your country?

This kind of question is absolutely unacceptable. First of all, even because of if you ask such kind of question, you will never get the answer on it. And secondly, you have poor chances to meet your special lady if you start your correspondence with such things. Because only a few of the girls will agree to continue a correspondence with a man who asks such kind of questions. It?s absolutely inappropriate to ask this question if you seek for a serious relationship. So, better change your attitude and try to think positively.

17) Why she doesn?t feel comfortable if I hold her hand or try to kiss her in a public place?

Some guys sometimes are wondered why their>Russian brides are so tender and passionate when they are together just on their own and but feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when the guys kiss and embrace them in public. Well, the guys have to bear in mind that the girls that have been raised in the eastern culture (especially the ones with the oriental background) have been taught not to show their feelings to the opposite sex when they are in some public place since it is considered to be as disrespect to the others and especially if there are some elder people are hanging around. The thing is that Asians have some sort of conservative mentality, though with time they are able to adjust to the culture of their fiance that is new for them and gradually they become more liberated.

18) Are you more career or family-oriented?

The Russian women are strongly home and family oriented. So, the family is the biggest value for them in life, though they got used to combine their personal life with work and they manage well with everything. Probably it would be easier for her to socialize and make her life with her husband in a different country more interesting if she works and has some time to be on her own and have some personal interests.

19) What does Christmas mean to you?

The Christian population of the FSU countries does not celebrate Christmas on December 25th, since according to the Orthodox calendar the Christmas is celebrated on January 7th. And most of the girls know about the tradition to celebrate Christmas on December 25th only from the movies. Anyway, all the girls here love the holidays, so they will be happy to celebrate another bright, joyful and magic holiday with their family.

20) What qualities do you appreciate in men?

Any woman definitely wants to see a sincere, honest, faithful, caring and understanding man beside herself. The one who is a gentle lover, best friend and a good father for his kids. A person who can ?try her boots on? sometimes, and who is able to protect her and be on her side in any situation. If she feels that her man has these qualities, she could reward him for everything he does for her and make him to be the happiest man in the world.

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