Meaning and Support Provided In a ?Computer Support?

Posted by AldoMoore on January 9th, 2015

Meaning and Support Provided In a “Computer Support”


Computer is a device that is programmed in order to perform a set of operations and also solve a lot of problems. Computers help us to stay connected and this technology plays a very important part in our lives. Therefore, if there is a minor or a major disruption in the system, hampers our work and we start panicking. In such a scenario, we do have some professionals who are trained to provide support services.

Meaning of Computer Support

Computer Support is one type of technical support where the computer support technicians or computer support specialists diagnose the issue with the computer system and accordingly provide services. The diagnosis of the issue with the computer system could be done by visiting the support service company in person or by allowing the technical profession to get a remote access to the user’s system through internet or with the help of an on-site visit by the technician (meaning the tech visits your home to provide support) or the user could be provided guidance for the issue of the system over phone, chat or email.

What types of computer support service is provided?

A computer user can encounter number of issues with the computer system. There are plethoras of troubleshooting services that can be provided to a user by a computer support specialist or expert.

Three broad categories of support

Some of the most common support services provided are as under:

  • A support technician provides service in case of a hardware related issue with the computer system.
  • He/ she also provide service in case of a software related issue with the computer system.
  • The technician can also provide service in case of a network connectivity issue with the computer system.

Specific issues that can be supported

Therefore the three main services that a technician can provide are software based, hardware related and network connectivity related issues. Under these three criteria, there are a number of issues that can arise. Such as:

  1. A user may need help from a computer expert who would help him/her to install a driver to the computer system.
  2. A user may need some help to change a few settings in the computer system, from a computer support technician.
  3. A computer support technician can also provide support if he/she finds out the computer system has been affected by virus or bug or spyware that is slowing down the working of the system. The technicians help in removing the external attacks through installation of some anti-virus software.
  4. In case of any physical damage to any hardware part of the computer, a technician can help in fixing the issue.
  5. An expert professional can also provide any network configuration or installation service for a user’s computer.
  6.  These experts can also fix issues that are related to firewall and also help in setting up email security.
  7. If a user wants to fix an issue in the computer system and wants a backup of all the files and folders in the computer, a computer support technician can help in recovering and created a backup.
  8. If the user’s computer has a corrupted file and hence the windows operating system has to be reinstalled, the technician can first detect the corrupt file by troubleshooting. If the technician is unable to fix, he/she can help in re installing the operating system all over again.

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