What Is Intellectual Property And How Lawyers In UAE Can Help Protect Ownership

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Intellectual property lawyers in UAE are responsible for protecting your intellectual property. Such lawyers are specially trained in all laws that deal with Intellectual property claims and help in registering and safeguarding intellectual property rights and fight against any unauthorized infringement.

What is Intellectual Property?

Any idea, invention, business, work of art, technique, or a brand, when under complete ownership of a person, is considered to be that person’s intellectual property. Ownership of any property can be defined as the right to exclude all others from using, modifying or profiting from that property in any way.

Types of Intellectual Property


Patents are registered at patent offices to establish the ownership of any new invention, process, machinery, or any application that is new, unique and useful in any form or manner. With the help of a patent, inventors can protect themselves against the misuse of their work against their wishes. Sometimes a new invention is worth a lot of money and big multinationals bid to buy the rights to the work from the creator or the inventor, or the person that holds the patent to the work. A patent is one of the most important factors in determining the true ownership of an invention.


Just like new inventions have patents to establish ownership, songs, lyrics, music, paintings, and all other works of art, including graphics and printed material, both on paper and in electronic form, have copyrights. When a person has successfully obtained a copyright for a piece work, then he or she becomes the owner, and has the right to use that piece of work as per his or her wishes.


We all have seen all major businesses, and even the smaller ones, using a combination of alphabets, symbols, graphics and images to represent themselves in public. These symbols are exclusively for use only to the company that has registered it as their trademark. This means that any other businesses or entity is forbidden from using that same symbol for all intents and purposes.


Trade Secrets

Many businesses, for example, those which are involved in food processing, relying on special recipes to run their business. Such businesses have their own trade secrets, which could be the recipe for their special cake, beverage, chicken, or any other product. Trade secrets are protected by businesses with great consideration, and any leak or breach avoided at all costs.

Intellectual Property Lawyers UAE


Businesses, inventors or owners of property who believe that their intellectual property has been infringed upon, either intentionally or unintentionally, can take their case to a court with the help of intellectual property lawyers UAE. They can seek criminal action for breach of trust as well as claim financial compensation for the infringement of their rights as an owner.

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