Love quiz - Does Confidence Attracts Love?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

How do you attract love? How do you attract someone to love you? What do you do so that somebody comes forward and says- I love you? This is a very important question, because many of us are hungry for love that we never get. Let me talk about confidence. Does having confidence attract love?

Let us talk about your self. Do you get attracted to anybody who shows no confidence? Do you madly love anybody who is unsure about everything? Do you fall in romantic love with a person whose very walk and talk shows a very timid person? I do not think many of us will do that. We may pity that person. We may advise that person. But we will never love that person. For loving a person, we have to find a person who commands respect from us. Confidence can do that trick. Let us discuss about confidence and love.

Love and confidence- if you are a confident looking person, you have to take care of over confidence. Do you look aggressive or act smart at all the times? If yes, that can drive people away from you. We all love and respect a confident person, but not somebody who declares that he/she knows all the answers and is infallible. If you lack in confidence, you have to develop it with systematic analysis of your fears and doubts. Why do you have low confidence? Find out the reasons. Are you lacking in abilities or are afraid of using them or you area pessimist? Please think about your confidence level and increase it.

We get attracted to a person who commands respect from us. Confident looking people command respect. Develop confidence to win in the game of love.

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