5 Signs You May Need Self-Storage

Posted by 5starstoragecom on January 28th, 2015

Does it feel like you can never find anything? Are you tired of never getting things in your home organized? If you have problems like these, you might simply have too much stuff in your house. If any of the following five signs sound familiar, then you should think about putting some of your things in self-storage. Here are the five top signs that you may need some storage space:

1. You can’t find the outfit you want to wear because it’s in a dresser that is buried under a pile of clothes. When you can’t find clothes because they are hidden by other clothes, you should consider putting some of your clothes in self-storage – especially the nice ones you rarely pull out.

2. You can’t walk a straight line from your front door to your kitchen without stepping or crawling over something. If walking through your home is like navigating a maze of junk, then you should place some of it somewhere other than inside your home. Check yourself – do you ever think, “I’ll move that later,” and then never move it? Perhaps it’s because there’s nowhere to put it. Consider renting a storage unit.

3. The kids in your neighborhood are constantly knocking on your front door to ask if they can come inside and build a fort. When neighbors and passers-by can see these heaps of possessions in your home through your windows, you know you have a storage problem. At the very least, get some packing boxes and start putting them somewhere a little more hidden!

4. You move the couch to vacuum, and you find another couch underneath. Self-storage is an excellent solution for opening up some space in your rooms by removing some of the unnecessary furniture. Do a self-analysis: how many pieces of furniture are crammed into one room that nobody ever even uses? If you think maybe you can get rid of some, then by all means, put them in storage!

5. Producers from the TV show “Hoarders” are constantly hounding you to appear on the program. Be especially weary if they keep leaving messages telling you that they want your house to be a featured show during sweeps week. They know that the level of clutter in your home will drive ratings to uncharted territory. When you are getting these calls, rent a storage unit.

There’s no reason not to rent a storage unit. Free some space in your home. Reduce the chaos. If you’re unsure about how big a space to rent, 5 Star Storage, a storage facility in San Diego, CA has a free online storage space calculator tool.

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This article is written by Ellen Wayne, who is the Director of Marketing at 5 Star Storage. They have been providing moving assistance, self storage services and two locally owned and operated facilities i.e. Morena Storage and Solana Beach Storage for more than 40 years.

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