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Posted by BrettSchneider on February 17th, 2021

Getting sufficient sleep is extremely essential since in the event that you get much less sleep, then it'll greatly make an impact on your wellbeing. Research shows that lack of sleep can cause problems with your weight, moodiness, heart problems and even make your body susceptible to disease. Most people know that sleep is very important, however, they actually get less and less sleep each day due to reasons of accumulated work, sleeping late, playing games, etc.

Sleep problems may happen at any kind of age and also for numerous main reasons, they can't be remedied by taking a supplement, either prescribed, organic or non-prescription, no issue what the ads on TV say. A number of these drugs may develop major worries for older adults, from falls and moment problems to confusion and also irregular bowel movements. Using Dodow Review is actually the very best means to cure sleep trouble.

Get some exercise

Health experts, whoever and wherever, would recommend us to exercise regularly. Maybe you are tired of listening to this advice many times. There's nothing wrong with me reminding me again this time. There are many benefits of exercising, one of which helps you to sleep quickly at night and you get quality sleep.

Schedule your sleep time

Scheduling your sleep regularly is also important in getting quality sleep. Avoid sleeping at 9 at night, the next day at 12 at night and the next day at 10 at night. Regularity will help your body's metabolism run well. You can use sleep aid which help you to get deep sleep.

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Get to know your habits

Connecting point 2 above, once you know your bedtime every night, make sure you prepare everything you normally do before going to bed properly so that you don't miss your sleep time. For example: you plan to go to bed every night at 11 o'clock and you have a habit of reading about half an hour before bed. This means that at 10.30 a maximum you must have started reading so that at 11 at night you are asleep.

Don't eat heavy meals before bed

Make sure you don't eat too much or too much before bed. A light dinner is highly recommended. Nowadays I often hear people going on diets at night. Many of my colleagues started to do this: they ate little or no rice, only side dishes and vegetables. This is very good. A very full stomach can make it difficult for you to sleep. If you are still hungry, it is advisable to snack on fruits instead of 'junk food'.

Shut down your computer

If you are a computer enthusiast whether it's for browsing or playing games, it is recommended that you make a pause between you stop playing the computer and before you get into your bed, at least half an hour. Usually, we will have difficulty sleeping if we lie down immediately after using the computer. Relax your brain for a moment, because your brain is still "hot" at that time.

Avoid Cell Phones

Cellphones do have a very important function in everyday life, but cellphones should be avoided at bedtime. The light generated from the cellphone will divert your concentration so that in the end it will be difficult to sleep.

Make sure your room lights go out

It is highly recommended if we sleep in a dark room. Most experts recommend turning off the lights when we are resting because it will affect the quality of our sleep. I once read an article which said that the effect of light will stimulate certain hormones and ultimately affect the metabolism in our body. Usually if the room where we rest is dark, we will sleep soundly and rarely wake up.


Is your mattress too old for you to use? Is the center more deflated than the sides? If so, we suggest you replace it with a new one, which will provide better support for your body so that you feel much more comfortable during sleep. This usually occurs in mattresses filled with cotton. The 'spring bed' model is rare.

Your sleeping environment

If you often wake up just to turn off the air conditioner or fan because of the cold, this obviously greatly affects the quality of your sleep. Set a timer on the AC or fan or if there is no timer, make sure you cover yourself before bed so you don't wake up in the middle of the night to turn off the AC or fan.

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