Top Benefits of Mobile Video Advertising in 2021

Posted by Stephen Taylor on February 17th, 2021

As a lifestyle habit post-Covid, consumers turn to their smartphones for everything from answering simple questions to researching products and making buying decisions. For this reason, brands have the opportunity to engage with consumers in real-time via their mobile devices.

After the onset of the New Normal, consumer behavior has evolved as physically distanced consumers became more and more comfortable doing everything on their phones; consuming massive amounts of video content, sometimes on multiple screens at once. Consistently, video ads have proven to capture attention effectively and drive real marketing results. Therefore, if businesses are looking to succeed in competitive environment arising in the New Normal, it is essential for them to develop video mobile ads that are tailor-made for their target audiences, authentic, and can be consumed instantly.

In 2021, mobile devices are playing a pivotal role in the overall growth of digital advertising globally. With a continuous surge in the number of smartphones, mobile advertising has become the primary mode of digital advertising.

Here are the top five benefits of mobile video advertising for brands:

1. Maximum Reach and Scalability

The New Normal has posed fresh challenges for the marketer, striving to ‘reach’ frequently the maximum number of prospects via advertisements. Fortunately, mobile video advertising has come to the rescue of marketers for building brand awareness, improving customer engagement and developing a brand perception. As a brand advertiser, you can directly reach an unlimited number of customers via ad mobile video ad networks like moLotus, InMobi, AdColony etc. moLotus stands ahead in reaching millions of customers daily just in one go on their phones irrespective of phone model or type be it smart, feature or i-phones. Diverse targeting options based on business criteria, demographics, interaction, etc. are available with the platform.  

2. Hyper-personalization 

In 2021, personalization acts as the key differentiator as regards to advertising. As the process of researching and buying products becomes digitized for the socially-distanced customer, advertising is now more about the quality of the digital experience. And the only way to create a valuable, memorable experience is to make it feel relevant and personalized to each prospective buyer, all the way through their purchase journey. Therefore to make your ad highly effective, the new-age ad platforms are offer personalization options such as name, customized greeting, reward, etc. 

By creating hyper-personalized offers and ads you can engage your customer base and maximize revenue. It would be interesting to note that via breakthrough moLotus ad platform, personalization can be done based on customer data & intelligence. Your personalized mobile video ads reach directly to the inbox of the customer and stay there until deleted by the customer himself. It is completely spam-free!

3. Enhanced Customer Interactivity

In the New World, the success of an ad lies in its interactivity. Studies suggest that mobile video ads with call-to-action buttons attract 8% more customers than other advertisements. Therefore in 2021 brands should resort to interactive mobile video ads enabled with advanced customer response options like SMS, call back, and more. Mobile video advertising platforms offering such options like moLotus, etc, are becoming the choice of brands. The moLotus platform is assisting in striking a two-way contextual conversation through video ads upto 2 minutes followed by the response options. The social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. are also offering interactivity but to a limited extent and not attuned to the current marketing landscape.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Adapting to the post-COVID business environment, brand leaders are propagating Strategic Cost Optimisation (SCO) in all business processes including marketing. Creation of effective campaigns on a shoestring budget is a challenge for the marketers.  Therefore there is more thrust on mobile video advertising which is being seen as the way to get rid of the burgeoning advertising costs. The average return on ad spend (ROAS) for the mobile video ad campaigns has been growing over the years - thanks to the emergence of ad platforms like Google Ads, moLotus, etc. 

Brands can keep their marketing budget on track. moLotus could be an economical and effective alternative to mobile app video ads. It is an ideal option for you to reach your customers on their phones at a lower cost without depending on any app download or active internet connection. It also works on all kinds of phones.

5. Real-time Performance Analysis

Mobile ad platforms equip brand marketers with robust real-time ad tracking and analytics. Advertising platforms like InMobi, moLotus, etc. are well-equipped with real-time progressive trackers. Advertisers with access to real-time ad analytics are able to improve performance, optimize effectively, and, therefore, earn greater revenue for their ad.

6. Effective Story-telling

In 2021 the marketers have the privilege of educating their consumers about a particular topic, or about their product and services by incorporating mobile video advertisements. 

During the pandemic season, the mobile videos have educated, inspired, and entertained the people. The video ads also have an emotional impact on the viewers and have proved to be the most effective media for brand storytelling. Mobile videos appeal to multiple senses of a person. They can convey information within a short span of time holding the attention of the consumer.

Studies show that advertisers are largely relying on moLotus mobile video ads in conjunction with other rich media formats - video, greeting cards, images, brochures, and more to build effective story-boards, creating emotional connect with their prospective customers. Good video content can help the consumers to digest the information correctly.

7. Flexibility

Forcing customers to see ads can be detrimental to the business interests and can alienate a certain audience who feel frustrated by the inability to click away from an advertisement. Mobile video ads offered by certain innovative ad platforms like moLotus give the customer liberty to watch the entire ad according to his or her convenience. They help the customer to retain the ad in mobile inbox thus offering a lot of flexibility in terms of viewing. 

8. Launching New Products

Mobile video ads can be practically effective in launching new products or services. Studies show that the majority of people have watched explainer videos about new products and services during the lockdown period. Having an explainer video in the ad can do wonders for an organization. It can drastically increase the volume of a company regardless of its size. 

You can create mobile videos using tools like moLotus, AdColony, etc. to explain a difficult concept for the customers. The videos ad copies based on product launch could be inspiring and innovative leading to more clicks, impressions, and conversions. The consumers can make informed decisions about the products and services based on the information provided in the mobile videos.

9. Sales Conversion and Lead Generation

Mobile video advertising is seen as an excellent way of generating and converting sales leads in 2021. Videos have been mostly used as the supporting element in online marketing campaigns rather than using it as the key element. But, gradually this notion has changed owing to the fact that mobile video lead generation campaigns can be more powerful and effective than other marketing methods that do not involve videos.

Video ads on mobile quickly prompt the consumer to go to a particular website and buy the product.  So, it is essential to keep the video ad short and straightforward. A video with a tight and eye-catchy message can offer value to users. This year the non-disruptive and non-spammy moLotus video ads are helping marketers to attract more customers to their products. As a prudent advertiser, it is essential for you to incorporate a suitable customer response option offered by the platform in your video ads to add context. The ads can be used to build trust among the consumers and generate more leads than any other video advertising platform.

Studies show that using a mobile video ad can increase product sales manifolds. It is an excellent way of increasing product recalls too. Consumers tend to remember the mobile video advertisements they watched within a month. More people purchase a product or service after seeing a video about it on their mobile inbox.

10. Popularity and Consumer trust

The popularity of mobile video advertisements is expected to drive marketing ROI significantly this year. Post-Covid, consumers have been glued to mobile videos with eye-catchy, smart and relevant content created by brands using new-age ad platforms like moLotus, AdColony, etc. Research shows that more than 80% of people around the world regularly watch videos on their smartphones. (Source: Hootsuite) Consumers trust and choose a product after watching a related video on their smartphones. The trust factor has contributed to an increase in the business volume by more than 50%. (Source: 


Definitely, mobile video advertising rules 2021. Having business transformation potential, ad platforms like moLotus are already assisting brands in creating innovative ad campaigns and enabling them to maximize revenues this year. Consumer confidence in mobile video advertising provides a competitive edge to you over your existing market competitors in the New World. Undoubtedly, it is the most effective way to increase sales revenue in 2021. As a brand advertiser, communicate better with your customers via mobile ads, co-creating experiences, and showing much-needed empathy. 

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