Rent Covert Camera: Legal Requirements for Employers

Posted by dawson12 on February 13th, 2015

Rules and regulations on privacy abound in number. But, this still remains an expectation, not a right most of the time. If you are an employer planning to rent a spy cam to install in your company, the following insights may help.

Rent covert camera: Legal Obligations of employers

Surveys show that a majority of the employers in the US use surveillance devices to monitor their employees. For them, it is a must to prevent stealing and other unwanted incidents. If the measures are introduced after taking your employees in good faith, you are not going to face legal complications.  Even courts would stand at your side. However, you are required to respect your staff’s reasonable expectations of privacy. Negligence here may cause great trouble. For instance, most of the employees won’t mind a business owner monitoring a retail store for thefts. But, as an employer, you may face trouble if a spy camera is installed in a resting or fitness room.

Surveillance vs. spy cameras

The first thing you should understand when exploring your options to rent a spy camera is the difference between a surveillance device and a spy cam. The former does its job publicly and the latter remains hidden while monitoring an area. Surveillance equipment does not create any trouble because people can see the camera. For instance, a landowner has the right to stay alert on the activities taking place in his/her property. Anyone who enters without getting prior consent is an intruder and has no right to expect even the least amount of privacy.

Legal obligations

Make sure that the following conditions are met before installing a spy camera in your company.

  1. Include the same in your company policy
  2. Be aware of the rules and regulations your State has in place for the purpose.
  3. Be careful with regard to audio recording.
  4. Inform your employees about the existence of a surveillance system.

There may be States where there are no specific rules and regulations in the matter. Even then, you are not allowed to monitor the activities in a bathroom.


In the absence of State laws, the legal system would look into the following aspects when giving a verdict.

  • The reason for surveillance
  • The employee’s expectations of privacy

To be honest, an employer is not allowed to monitor the activities of an employee outside the company premises. But, the increasing instances of leave abuse has made this kind of a monitoring a must for the owner of a company.  Know that you would be in great trouble if the employee is able to prove that you are going against the reasonable expectations of privacy when monitoring.

The absence of clear-cut rules and regulations in this regard may work in your favor. However, staying safe is the best way to go. Do a thorough research and take an informed decision.

Invest in a surveillance system; you have to make sure that your investment stays safe. If budget is a concern, rent covert camera. The company you approach is sure to have valuable advice to offer in the matter.

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