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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

The bride and groom are now man and wife at the time when the giving of wedding gift favors is appropriate. Now that the perfect wedding ceremony has come to an end tokens of gratitude are presented to family and friends to say thank you for being part of our special day.

There are fabulous items in abundance to give as your wedding favors, but deciding what they are to be is the problem.

The size of your guest list and budget allowance will most definitely have an effect on what you give as your thank you token. Money will dominate and may well limit your choice of the wedding gift favors.
Problems like this are easily solved, don`t invite any one or elope (Just a suggestion) But if you intend on sticking around for the big day then bulk buy to cut costs.

Going back in time when gift favors came into existence it was believed that the married couple were showered with luck if gift giving took place. By giving a thank you donation to all attendees then it was considered that the bride and groom intentions were to share their luck

Wedding favors and their beginning became traditional among upper classed people hundreds of years ago. In Italy and France bonbonnieres were given to each guest as wedding favors. These dainty delicacies were placed into fancy boxes which could be made of porcelain or crystal embedded with precious sparkling stones.

Later down the line others followed suit with this practice of giving wedding favors. To sweeten up the occasion almonds became popular at weddings. Almonds were supposed to denote happiness, wealth, health and fertility. Even though these almond favors were given in the history years they are very common at modern weddings today all sugared up and candy coated.

We now live in a different era where the giving of wedding favors still stands if not with more preferences than the days gone by. It is a very important part of a wedding.

Practical thinking on wedding favors makes practical gifts. Useful items that can be used in the kitchen or bathroom are great ideas brought into force in many modern weddings
Not all wedding favors were of this nature, things like personalised candles and smellies were warmly welcomed by guests

At the end of the day this is your wedding and your word is final on what to give
As long as those final words (I Do) took at the altar came from the heart then that alone will stay with your guests as a keepsake in memory for years to come.

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