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There are multiple places where it is necessary to use a Vacuum oven that is a closed sealed chamber designed for dehydrogenation of utensils and drying of powders. If we are talking about the functioning of these vacuum ovens then it helps to dry with the help of a vacuum pump and heating. Vacuums are equipped with vacuuming and heating functions where heating is an optional feature of a vacuum oven. Ovens are designed especially for heat-sensitive materials where drying is not an option possible by heating function. According to the research done on these kinds of vacuum ovens it is such a product that can change its chemical and physical properties when undergoing heating at a specific temperature. 

Application of the Product: 

It is very important to be well aware about the working and the application of the product before using it or taking advantage of its features. As we talk about the Vacuum oven, the name itself suggests the advanced features of it but we need to get in depth therefore, we should discuss more of it. The main application of the products are as follows:

  • Electronics testing
  • Burn-in test for detecting early failures in manufactured integrated circuits
  • Solder strength testing in circuit boards
  • Accelerated simulations to measure prolonged product use
  • Forensic labs use specially configured vacuum ovens as fingerprint development chambers
  • Biological laboratories employ gravity convection ovens for removal of microbiological contaminants in labware and vacuum ovens for adhering substrates to the surface of filters and other media


  • Design: we provide bespoken and commonplace models of vacuum ovens in spherical and rectangular shapes. Our Models begin from ten liters to a maximum of 2000 liters capability.
  • Construction: Vacuum oven encompasses a fully sealed element welded SS 304 chamber with one water associate degreed an outlet port for the supply of gas/vacuum. Outer body made of low-carbon steel powder coated with no mandatory stainless-steel 304/316. Its double-walled construction with ceramic wool insulation in between that saves from heat loss. The inner chamber sheet should be thus thick to handle the 760 mm Hg vacuum with no hassle or shrinkage. We tend to additionally provide a seamless chamber during a vacuum oven for our shopper within the spherical and rectangular form.
  • Vacuum: vacuum oven is intended to realize a workplace vacuum oven up to 760 mm Hg / twenty nine PSI / one gas pressure. We provide 2 ports for vacuum water and outlets with digital or manual gauge ranges from 1-30 PSI. Vacuum drying provides complete dry product and removes the water content from the sample.
  • Door: Door of vacuum oven is formed from thick steel for with clear toughened glass fitted with a sturdy synthetic rubber seal. Doors go with a manual protection operate for the security of the sample. Our vacuum oven doors are unit rugged in construction and leak-proof from all the perimeters.
  • Temperature: PID controller supported with PT 100detector for correct and precise control temperature within the chamber. There’s no circulation fan within the chamber thanks to that there's no uniformity within the chamber. The constituent used is Kanthal A1 wire wound round the chamber from all 5 sides. The temperature vary of the vacuum oven is temperature to two hundred degrees stargazer. PID controller encompasses a double show showing SV & PV with Auto tune facility. In this Lab vacuum oven you can get PLC with HMI for a whole bit panel that has knowledge work and period of time chart show. 

Conclusion: In the above article we have mentioned about the functioning of Vacuum ovens as well as all the applications of this product that will help the users to know the product before buying it or suggesting it to the other users. 


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