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Relax in Shen Garden

Posted by ugfanfan in Travel on March 26th, 2015

Shen Lawn is situated in between Yanan street and Luxun Road. It was originally recognized in the Southern Music Empire. When mentioning Shen Lawn, The chinese suppliers may instantly image in their thoughts the image attracted by the two popular Ci poetry and the carefully relevant really like tale.

You may be puzzled about the distinction between poetry and Ci poetry of China. Temporarily, Ci poetry have certain music and can be sang while poetry cannot. Ci poetry have types of music, each of which was eligible with a particular name, such as Chai Tou Feng, Yu Mei Ren, and Pu Sa Man, so as to be recognized quickly from each other. Such music make reference to Ci Pai in Chinese. And Chai Tou Feng, Yu Mei Ren, and Pu Sa Man respectively make reference to a certain Ci Pai (tune). When writing a Ci poetry, you should first select a Ci Pai (tune) you like, and then complete terms to fit the selected track. And different individuals may complete different terms which show different significance in the same Ci Pai (tune). Hence, Ci poetry are somewhat like music. It is typical for you to come across several Ci poetry which discuss a typical Ci Pai (tune), for example Chai Tou Feng, while have different terminology.

The two popular Ci poetry were both consisting according to the Ci Pai (tune): Chai Tou Feng. They were respectively published by Lu You and his ex-wife: Tang Wan. The two indicated their strong and despairing really like in their Ci poetry. Lu You was an incredibly skilled poet in the Southern Music Empire. He was created in 1125 in Shaoxing, and wedded Tang Wan in 1144. They were strong in really like with each other. But, Lu You's mom was not pleased with Tang Wan. She lastly created her son throw off Tang Wan and deliver her house in 1145. Afterwards, Lu You and Tang Wan respectively got wedded to other individuals and missing get in touch with with each other.

Ten decades later, when Lu You was experiencing the wonderful springtime landscapes in Shen Lawn, he experienced Tang Wan and her spouse, who too came to Shen Lawn have fun with the springtime. The two met with sadness as strong as sea. And the deeply-buried really like seems to be the toughest term between them. Tang Wan sent a slave to deliver refreshments to Lu You as a introduction and then remaining. Lu You remembered the satisfied storage which was gone permanently, and experienced so sad that he got intoxicated and wrote a Ci poetry on a walls of Shen Lawn, which indicated his sadness and repent. Later, Tang Wan saw the poetry and wrote one in response. She was so disappointed that she dropped fed up and passed away before lengthy. Her loss of life remaining an terminal scratch on Lu You's center. Lu You revisited your garden for many periods and wrote a lot of poetry in storage of Tang Wan. These poetry together with the two Ci poetry and the terrible really like tale created Shen Lawn a popular garden.

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