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Posted by madhu xp on March 12th, 2021

UK’s Global Talent VISA has been introduced to replace the Exceptional talent visa program. This program is flexible in nature. Through this program highly talented individuals can move to UK to either to work on their own project or work in an already running organization. United Kingdom is world renowned as the country which had quite a control on the world across. Its capital London houses world’s top commercial, financial, and cultural centers. UK has contributed significantly to the world economy in terms of technology and industry. UK comprises of 4 parts – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The country has a lot of variation in geography. There are many highs and lows. Due to this the country experiences frequent changes in the climate. The country consists of unsettled weather. This program requirement is quite different from the UK Investor Visa requirements.

UK invites several skilled professionals and talented businessmen into the country through their different UK Visa programs. UK started Global talent visa with an intention to gather right talent and skills into UK. Program will provide the applicant “Leave to Remain” Visa. LTR or Leave to Remain is equivalent to USA’s Green Card. Talented leaders or prospective talented leaders qualify for this program. This program is applicable to individuals belonging to any field -humanities, arts, science, technology and more. It is more beneficial to invest in Visa for a secured and scalable future.

Why should you choose UK Global Talent Visa Program?

  •          This program ensures that the individual gets Permanent residency in UK.
  •          Once on “Leave to Remain” visa, the successful migrants could become eligible for UK citizenship.
  •          You will be obtaining endorsement from one of the endorsing bodies to support your case.
  •          You will be bringing your family to UK on the same Visa as yours.
  •          You will have the option to choose this program for 1 to 5 years.
  •          Once qualified you could obtain settlement with in 3 to 5 years’ time.
  •          You will receive the decision within 8 weeks’ time.

You will need to submit the required documents to obtain an endorsement from the endorsing bodies. The kind of documents required could vary depending on the type of endorsing bodies you are applying to. This pathway is different from the Citizenship by Investment programs. You could identify the best countries for citizenship by investment program and work accordingly if your need is not satisfied through this program.

If applying under any Science field, then you will need to submit –

  1.                      An eminent person in UK should provide a “Letter of Recommendation”.
  2.                    CV
  3.                   A reputable UK organization should provide a written organization.

If you are applying under “Tech Nation” program, then you will need to submit the below documents –

  1.                      You need to submit 3 letters of recommendation from recognized resident expert.
  2.                    Your CV
  3.                   You need to prove your expertise in your field by providing a minimum of 10 pieces of documents that could demonstrate your talent. Apart from explanation, they should carry a proof of your expertise.

If applying to the Arts council England, then you need to provide the below –

  1.                      UK based arts or cultural organization should provide an endorsement for you.
  2.                    You need to also provide an endorsement from an arts or cultural organisation that is not based in England.
  3.                   You must also produce another endorsement from an eminent personality in your field or an organization who may or may not be based in UK.
  4.                  You need to also produce a minimum of 10 papers supporting your stand.

If you intend to obtain support from “Producers Alliance for Cinema and television”, then you need to provide the below documents –

  1.                      Similar to what applicants submit to the Arts Council England, you too will need to submit 3 letters of endorsement, one from cinema and television organization based in England, another from those based outside England and one from an eminent personality or recognized organization that may or may not be based in UK.
  2.                    You will need to provide evidence for every award or nomination you have obtained over your course of journey.

IF you are applying for support from British Fashion council then you will need to provide the below documents –

  1.                      You will need to produce 3 letters of endorsement from established organizations either of international reputation or local to UK and such organizations should be recognized as an expert in fashion.
  2.                    Along with it, you will need to support your application with 10 pieces of supporting documents about your work.

If you need support from Royal Institute of British Architects, then you will need to produce the below documents –

  1.                      Similar to above mentioned documents, 3 endorsements from recognized and reputable architecture organizations should be produced.
  2.                    Your awards and the evidence for the same should be produced.
  3.                   10 documents supporting your stand should be provided which should explain your work and evidence for the same.

This program is one of the best immigration programs that have been introduced in the recent past. For all those who intend to relocate to UK, this would be one of the best options. You could be a leader or a person with required talent to become a leader in your field. You will need to however work with immigration consultants in India that are experts in the field to help you obtain your LTR through UK Global talent program.


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