The advantages of IT outsourcing

Posted by AdrianRocker on April 2nd, 2015

IT outsourcing represents the externalization of a company’s information technology department. Instead of hiring employees to work in such department, many companies prefer to work with a dedicated team and let others deal with the IT challenges, while they focus on their business.

To be successful today, a company needs a lot of employees, some specialized in accounting, others in marketing and sales, some in the field of human resources, and others in information technology. But how can a small company hire all these people, if it does not have the needed financial resources?

Instead of hiring employees, small companies, as well as large ones, can collaborate with other companies that are solely specialized in the fields mentioned above, like accounting, marketing, HR and IT. The simple partnership with such companies is much more cost effective than hiring your own employees.

Moreover, the manager of a company that chooses to collaborate with other companies specialized in various fields of activity does not have to control the outcome that much, since the responsibility for the outcome belongs mainly to the company that has achieved it.

Of course, it is always wise to survey a result, especially if it has something to do with your company, but you, as a manager, will not be that preoccupied with accounting reports, marketing strategies and operating system upgrades, since you will be collaborating with companies that do this on a daily basis and are your loyal partners.

Outsourcing the tasks that are normally performed within a certain department can be done in two main ways: locally or internationally. When it comes to accounting and human resources, the best way to go is to contact local firms. As far as IT outsourcing and online marketing are concerned, you can also address overseas contractors.

If you are located in the USA, it is not wise to contact an accounting firm from Europe to deal with your financial documents, nor a human resources company that would hire people to work for you. These companies need to be local.

But IT companies that you contact can be located anywhere in the world. In fact, the IT department is probably the most externalized department of a company. This happens because many of the operations that an IT professional usually performs can take place anywhere, regardless of the professional’s geographic position.

For this, it is important to find a dedicated team that would deal with all the regular activities that an IT department encounters daily or just with a certain project. Who knows, you might not even need permanent IT support, so why collaborate with an IT company on a permanent basis? You can address it only when you want to develop a new project.

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