Different Types of Finishes for Decorative Laminates

Posted by Amulyamica on March 16th, 2021

The image that comes to mind when we think of laminates is laminates with wood effects. But did you know there are a lot of other options? Laminates come in a range of finishes, including shiny, matte, and even stone. Laminates come in an infinite range of designs and patterns, ranging from natural wood to traditional stone, stunning floral motifs to quirky geometric patterns, and much more.

The following is a short rundown of the various laminate finishes:

Glossy laminates – Glossy laminates have a gleaming finish that is suitable for a contemporary or modern atmosphere. Since they are easy to clean, they are most widely used in kitchens.

Benefits of Glossy Laminates:

a)      Makes room look larger in size

b)      Easy to clean

c)      Offers wide-range of colors and grains

Matte laminates – For those who hate shiny or polished surfaces, these are perfect. They have a more subtle finish that gives your interiors a more formal appearance.

Benefits of Matte Laminates:

a)      Scratches are less visible

b)      Diffuses lighting of the room

c)      Adds a clean and chic finish to any surface

Textured laminates – Laminates that have texture of leather, wood, and natural stone are termed as textured laminates.

Benefits of Textured Laminates:

a)      Impervious to any kind of stain (heat, liquid or oil)

b)      Resilient to stains and scratches

c)      Easy customization as per preference

Solid laminates - Commonly used for bathroom cabinets, kitchen shelves, and closet doors, solid laminates have a solid color. They do not have any pattern or style.

Benefits of Solid Laminates:

a)      Do not mandatorily require a final coat of color or polish

b)      Abrasion, scratch, shock and moisture resistant

c)      Easy to install

Digital laminates – These laminates are digitally printed and come in a number of styles.

Benefits of Digital Laminates:

a)      Add a contemporary look and feel

b)      Fire resistant

c)       Versatile and compatible

Even after having a good knowledge about the different types of laminates and their uses, there are other factors that determine the final selection process of laminates such as the surface it will be used on, the mood and theme of the place of application, and budget.

For more information about which laminate suits best for your purpose, feel free to connect with experts of Amulya Mica. 

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