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Check weigher machine is a suitable industrial instrument that ensures the weight yield of the later products and reducing the production of defective products. Based on different materials or goods it is available in different models. Check weigher has a wide range of varieties and it can adopt the intelligent design with the function of automatic parameter adjustment along with the automatic generation of statistical reports. Checkweigher manufacturers mostly make sure that the delivered machine is designed with a language touch human-machine interface, so the parameter selection operation works more conveniently. The flexibility of a Check weigher machine can be adjusted with various parameter configurations by keeping in mind any countries or regions.


Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co. is a highly efficient and precise checkweigher manufacturers. We are best known for creative design & engineering excellence. We are one of the most popular and leading Checkweigher manufacturers in the world. If you are an industrialist and searching for the best solution before making your purchasing decision of Check weigher machine you are in the right place. Allow us to provide some more information regarding Check weigher machine.


Most Check weigher machine must have to be well equipped with high-performance modules, featuring high speed with the best accuracy, and has sound working conditions. Most of the Check weigher machines can fully operate by touch screen. It can be associated with most software environments and has the characteristic of limitless velocity modifications for distinctive speeds for special environment packages.


According to the characteristics of different substances, it has one-of-a-kind bendy disassembly techniques which include stop, swing rod, air push, air blow, slide, flip plate.


It's furnished with a top-class food-grade belt to ensure secure production, and its mechanical layout makes it easy to disassemble and smooth to smooth. Its dirt-proof layout is appropriate for special application environments as well as non-general applications. It also has a water-resistant design and can be customized.

As reputed Checkweigher manufacturers we believed our respective clients must know the pros and cons of this products. We shall be glad than happy to get in touch with you. Please send us your mail or you can chat with our customer care executive regarding any information. We have designed and developed various Check weigher machines keep in mind your needs. Such as Multi-level Check weigher machine for sorting agricultural industry, 200g High Precision Food Check weigher, 30kg Checkweigher manufacturers, 1000g Food industry Automatic belt conveyor check weigher. You can visit our webpage for more information about ourselves and products.


Classification of check weigher Scales. Which will be your right choice- Manual or Automatic?


The verdict of check weighing system and portioning scales used on a production assembly line is typically dictated by application conditions, economic means, and therefore the need for brand protection.


If you're unsure which solution would be best for your requirements then contact us today and obtain free advice to assist you to create the proper choice.


Manual Check weighers:

• Bench scales, used for manual weight control and portioning of goods or for sample-spot checking.

• Designed to permit a fast and accurate check weighing and portioning process.

• Achievable in numerous variations and sizes for ergonomic working procedures.

• Permits combination into data management systems for data tracking and analysis.

• Fast and convenient label printing.

Dynamic Check weigher

• Weigh products in motion.

• Automatically check the load of 100% of the products.

• Operating segment tests for net weight and tare weight reports that satisfy Weights & Measures compliance requirements and Weights & Measures package tare weight verification reports with immense market observation, we have been able to provide flawless quality Check Weighing System.


• High functionality

• Smooth performance

• Industry approved design

Precision check weighers ensure increased product quality and manufacturing efficiency


Checkweighing also ensures safety – for all concerned. As a drug company, would you wish to see your pre-packaged medicines for completeness? Our manufactured check weighing systems not only work with high precision, but they also impress with very high throughput rates. This ensures added value for you whilst a corporation within the non-food sector, machine construction, the industry or logistics. Exact weight determination always forms the idea for designing efficient processes, and manufacturing products more effectively. Within the end, exact check weighing is that the most vital aspect for quality assurance.


All-Fill Checkweighers, used to be Alpha Checkweighers, focuses on the design and manufacturing of an overall range of online, in-production weighing, weight control equipment, and hi-speed checkweigher systems. Checkweigher systems are standard for companies looking to reduce waste, economize, and boost their production line’s efficiency. As reputed Checkweigher manufacturers, we feel proud and honored providing support to our clients. All-Fill checkweigher machines are often fitting to handle virtually every package, bag, box, carton and bottle.


Standard check weigher models are available for the quickest deliveries within the industry. We will also design and manufacture custom check weighers to satisfy your unique product demands. Beside that, integration of the check weigher system with OEM metal detectors is common and highly inspired when formulate production lines where quality and safety are a necessity



As prominent Checkweigher Manufacturers, All-Fill prides themselves on the extensibility of their equipment. Our check weighers are designed to form sure your product is coming off the conveyor within a particular speed and maintaining an accurate weight for your required product. Standard check weigher models are available for the quickest deliveries within the industry. If you're unsure which check weigher system will fulfill your weighing needs, we'll assist you to decide as a trusted checkweigher manufacturer. 


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