Is Burlap Bags Food Safe?

Posted by Keelie on March 25th, 2021

Burlap Bags are used for several reasons because they are easy to make and come from a renewable resource. Some uses of burlap bags are parts storage, organization, filtration bags, agriculture, and even food storage. They are offered in many different sizes and can be made with no added chemicals making them safe for food and skincare. 

How Are Burlap Bags Made?

Burlap bags have a coarse texture that is made from strong jute fibers. Due to the strength, they are durable and can come in handy for all types of storage. The woven fabric of burlap bags comes from jute plants but can be made from flax and hemp fabrics. 

Jute plants can grow between 8 and 12 feet when they are fully mature. The jute stems are collected then they are steeped and bundled or soaked. When the fibers become soft the tissue from the jute is stripped and washed and then dried in the sunlight. The strip is then transported to a mill where the just is converted to burlap. The yarn is then treated, thinned, and even pressed so it can be woven and twisted into the burlap material. There are many types of burlap bags with the most common being jute burlap, equinox faux burlap, and polyester faux burlap.

Food Uses For Burlap

The uses for burlap vary widely because it is made of a coarse material that is durable and biodegradable as well as inexpensive. Although many people believe that burlap was originally used to make curtains most of us are familiar with it being used for food storage. You may have received some potatoes from the grocery store in burlap bags. It is also popular for the storage of apples, grain, rice, coffee, and even animal feed.

Other Common Uses

Burlap bags and burlap material are great for other uses. One of these uses includes the covering and transporting of plants and trees. The burlap is wrapped around the roots of the plant or tree and used when transporting to keep the pests and weeds away from the roots. Burlap was also used back in the mining days to catch gold pieces. The natural fiber material was an affordable option for miners to use instead of the miner moss to catch the small gold pieces.

Other common uses for burlap include ropes, sandbags, tents, clothing, curtains, and even upholstery on furniture. It has gained popularity over the years and is safe for bedding and the backing of rugs and table linens. Burlap is also a great fabric for craft projects. It can make a great canvas for an art project, cover a whiteboard, or book. It can also be sewn into backpacks, purses, and totes.

The strength of burlap makes it a well-rounded material to use for so many things. It is also inexpensive to make and the jute plant is easily renewable. This makes it perfect for crafts, transporting materials, and food storage. Next time you are looking to store those onions and potatoes, grab a few extra burlap bags from the store. Looking to keep your apples fresh, throw a few in a bag and hang them in the pantry. We are sure you can find other uses for burlap bags in your home from craft ideas to the kitchen and every room in between.

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