How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Mobile App?

Posted by Jhon Oliver on March 25th, 2021

From healthcare, lifestyle, food, grocery, real estate, to entertainment, the custom app development technology is empowering every industry sector. The increasing number of Smartphone users is one of the reasons behind this great transformation. Almost every business is offering a mobile app to the customers to allow them to access the services/products conveniently with their Smartphones. This also helps businesses to increase their customer base and grow exponentially. If you are also having a great app idea or want to build a custom mobile app for your business, this is a favorable time to make it possible. 

However, to build a successful app you must have an in-depth understanding of the app development arena. Also, you must know the total cost you need to spend on developing the app and plan your budget accordingly. This article will help you get acquainted with all such key aspects. 

Why Custom App Development?

A custom development approach helps you build a mobile app that is in line with your customer and business requirements. Thus, if you are looking to build an app from scratch for your specific business needs, custom mobile app development is the best choice. Below are some more benefits of building a custom application. 

  1. Scalability

The custom mobile app is designed to handle an increasing volume of data and operations. It can efficiently manage growing customers and their needs as your business grows. 

  1. Efficiency

As custom apps are built considering specific business and customer requirements, they are more efficient.  

  1. User Experience

User experience is a crucial aspect of the mobile application. Custom-built apps offer an unmatched user experience as they meet and exceed user demands. 

  1. Compatibility

Custom mobile app development process ensures your app works smoothly on different platforms and browsers and offers an exceptional experience. 

Building a custom app brings you so many other business benefits, thus making your investment worthwhile. Now you know that custom mobile app development is the right choice for you, let's see how much it may cost you. 

Cost to Build a Custom Mobile App 

The cost of developing a custom mobile app depends on several factors. Let’s see some key factors affecting the app development cost. 

  • Hiring the Professionals

To build a high-functional and robust app, you require hiring expert developers, designers, and other professionals. Here you have two options that are hiring freelancers or a reliable custom mobile app development company. Hiring different freelance professionals may cost you more than hiring a company. By choosing a professional mobile app development firm, you get a complete team of professionals who will manage the overall aspects of your app project. 

  • Location 

The second factor affecting the development cost is the location of the developers or company you want to work with. Different countries have different hourly rates for app development projects. For instance, in Western Europe, senior app developers may charge around -, while in North America the rate can be -5. 

  • App Purpose and Functionality 

The complexity of your app idea and its functionality can vary the cost drastically. A complex app may require more time compared to an app with basic functionality. More development time means more cost. 

  • Features 

The cost will vary depending on what and how many features you want in your app. An app with core features like an email subscription, login/sign-up, simple design elements, etc. will cost you less compared to a complex with advanced features like video-streaming, offline mode, data encryption, etc.

  • Platform

Decide whether you want to build an app for iOS, Android, or Windows. Your choice of platform will vary the cost significantly. Moreover, the cost will vary if you want to build a hybrid app. 

  • Third-party Integrations  

Your app may require third-party integration to get external data essential for seamless operation. For instance, you may need to integrate your business ERP system with the app. The development cost will increase according to the type and complexity of integration. 

  • Design Complexity 

As UI design is a crucial aspect of app development, it has a big contribution to the overall budget. The app design needs to be highly engaging and intuitive, which may require you to use high-quality graphics, visual objects, and best design components. 

Taken as a whole, your specific choices and requirements about all the above aspects will influence the cost. Thus, it is quite difficult to estimate the exact cost. Still, the rough cost estimate for a basic app is around ,000 -,000. For an advanced version of the app, you may require spending around ,000 to ,000. Also, for a native platform, you may require spending around ,000 to 0,000. 

Final Thoughts! 

As an app development project involves a lot of aspects and steps, the investment is going to be huge. However, you must not compromise quality over the cost. Ensure to choose the best features, design, functionality, and custom mobile app development services to build a high-quality app. 

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