Should the china sports bra be tight-fitting or should it be bigger?

Posted by hw on April 6th, 2021

 We have talked about sports BRA more than once, it can play a very good role in fixing the chest during exercise. Now that it is fixed for use, many girls naturally define it as a "tight" team. But in fact, you might wear the wrong one all the time!

    Fitness experts conducted a test in a sportswear store in New York, USA, and concluded that in order to achieve sufficient support and give a certain comfortable space to the chest during exercise, the best strap for a sports bra should be 5 cm Left and right, the cup should be slightly larger than the normal size.

    So in addition, what other aspects should we pay attention to when choosing china sports bra?

    1. Choose chemical fiber fabrics carefully

    You sweat a lot during exercise, and there will be more friction between your body and your underwear. Underwear made of chemical fiber fabrics can easily damage your skin, so you must choose carefully. In addition, although pure cotton fabrics are comfortable, they have insufficient plasticity and elasticity, which is contrary to the concept of sports BRA. Relatively speaking, cotton blended Lycra is a good choice.

    2. Underwear elasticity is very important

    The degree of activity of each part of the body increases during fitness, so underwear must have better elasticity. In addition, better supporting performance is also an element to avoid excessive breast tremors when the body rises and falls.

    3. The size should be fit and the shoulder strap should be fixed

    Tights are generally worn during fitness, and the design of underwear should highlight the natural curve of the human body, and the obvious outline of the underwear cannot be seen from the outside of the tights. At the same time, the shoulder straps of underwear should not slip off, so as not to bring you unnecessary trouble.

    If you have started sports BRA, think about whether it is suitable for you, you can also start from the following directions.

    4. Shoulder strap

    A very important function of the shoulder strap of the sports BRA is to provide enough support for the breasts. To judge the supporting force of the shoulder strap, you can grasp one end of the shoulder strap with one hand, and the middle of the cup connected to it with the other hand, pull it hard, and observe its elasticity. The less elastic the shoulder strap, the greater the support it can provide.

    5. Drawstring

    To judge whether the strap is suitable, you only need to put a finger under the strap between the double bra cups and pull it hard. If you can't pull the strap 2.5 cm away from your body, then it is a qualified size. If it exceeds 2.5 cm too much, it means that your sports BRA is a bit big.

    In addition, you can also straighten your hands and raise your head. If the strap moves up, it also means that your sports BRA is too large and you need to change to a smaller size.

    6. Cup

    The judging criteria for the cup is similar to that of the shoulder strap. The smaller the elasticity of the fabric on the edge of the cup, the better the support for the chest. No matter what style of china sports bra, the cup must cover the entire breast without overflow. If you can't fully envelop, then you may need to change to a sports BRA.

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