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Posted by ladycomp on July 15th, 2015

Contraception is often considered to be a controversial topic due to its medical implications. Women across the globe are on the lookout for safe and effective contraception methods. There is a demand for a contraception method that eliminates the adverse effects of chemical and hormonal methods.

When it comes to health, chemical birth control methods such as spermicides not only pose risks of side effects, but they also don't guarantee contraception effectiveness. Spermicides (nonoxynol-9) are commonly inserted into the vagina for the purpose of killing sperm during intercourse. They come in different forms ranging from creams to jellies, suppositories, foams, and contraceptive films. Barrier methods, on the other hand, help prevent pregnancy by creating a physical "wall" between sperm and cervix. These include diaphragms, condoms, cervical caps, etc. however all of them don’t allow to feel and act naturally.  

Other more invasive methods like IUDs (intrauterine device) and hormonal medications (birth control pills, contraceptive injections, implants, etc.) also exist, but they too may cause many side effects and also often act in anti-implantation way - while using them, a woman can still have breakthrough ovulation, what occurs frequently - a woman can still conceive an embryo, who because of synthetic hormones (or intrusion - coil) can't attach to the mother's uterine lining. In addition to their invasive nature, these contraceptive methods can also prove to be expensive. With more focus on what we put into our body and how safe chemicals are, more women and couples are leaning toward natural family planning methods, which are completely safe, highly efficient, and definitely less expensive than their artificial counterparts.

Use Lady-Comp for Accurate Birth Control

Easy to use fertility monitors like the Lady-Comp are the perfect choice for women who want to employ natural family planning. Those who want to lead healthier lifestyles will benefit greatly from this innovative and highly intelligent device that enables healthy birth control. Lady-Comp is a next-generation computer that efficiently teaches, monitors, analyses, and then indicates ovulation to tell you when your fertile and non-fertile days are with as high as 99.3% accuracy. It is the birth control method for people who want to avoid invasive hormones and chemical side effects.

Natural family planning and birth control computers by Lady-Comp are designed and programmed to determine and display the time of ovulation in any female body. Known for its high percentage of accuracy, it will evaluate your statistics to provide you with information on your unique fertility pattern.

Ovulation generally causes a slight, yet noticeable spike in the female body temperature. Measuring your temperature with the device's sensor when you wake up each morning (before getting up), the computer will record your data and provide you with direction as to when you are fertile by displaying a red light.  Conversely, it will show a green light when you are in your infertile phase. Readings are up to 99.3% reliable and are valid for the next 24 hours.

Lady-Comp takes the work out of fertility. It’s that simple!

About The Company:

lady-comp UK is the natural family planning store in the UK, which has the purpose of worldwide sale of Lady-Comp, the first natural contraception and family planning monitor in the world with the highest effectiveness. It is among the Europe's most trusted and recommended natural contraception / family planning monitors.

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