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As Knights of the Fallen Empire mainly features storyline, swtor is regarded to be a Single Player Online RPG that neglects the need of MMO players. Is it really the case? In fact, solo-player friendly contents make game more playable for solo players due to the difficulty to cater for all in group, while there are also some mmo features, such as various flashpoints and operation, remained to make an enjoyable game that worth of swtor credits for mmo players.

Solo-mode Flashpoints give players more relax game experience

The storytelling feature in Knights of the Fallen Empire don't not always let players down and leave. Instead, they are attractive for many solo-players and those who pursue fresh form of contents. You may have ever seen such a case that many players in group didn't want to experience the story but rather just wanted to get through it to get their loot and XP. It is really a dilemma for those players who are doing a Flashpoint for the first time and prefers soaking in all of the cutscenes. In this case, the solo-mode flashpoints will give you the chance of getting more interesting and relax experience.

Firstly, the entire class stories are easier to play through because players can play them in combination with the planet story arcs which allows for a more immersive experience. You can enjoy the class story as well as the general story of the Civil War without having to do the menial side-quest just for the XP. Secondly, the flashpoints in the game are now solo-friendly so that players neither have to wait on the fleet for a group to form nor have to play in fear of being kicked or harassed because they want to view the story. In the coming expansion, the solo-mode flashpoints will allow players to better soak in the story without feeling rushed. And finally, the expansion not only focuses on story, but is said to be more akin to what Bioware does best which is cinematic story which they say is closer to what they did with KOTOR. Thus, no matter for single players or for mmo gamers, Knights of the Fallen Empire seems not so disappointing content.

Swtor is still an MMO with options for players to approach

While focusing on storytelling, Bioware also pays much attention on mmo contents developments. As we shown on Swtor2credits in earlier time, when talking about the information about fallen empire, Jeff Hickmann told that the Old Republic is still an MMO, which is aiming to provide more new options for the way each player approaches the game. Personally, I like the direction that Bioware is taking SWTOR and I believe that they will finally find their niche in the MMO market, which is supplying content for story-driven gamers and crafting a game that is really a hybrid of that from a single player RPG to a MMORPG.

It seems that there would be some exodus of players who feel neglected by Bioware, but it is no doubt that a mass integration of players who are either coming back after a long hiatus or gamers coming into it for the first time and starting out as a level 60 character. So, will you join in the new expansion? Feel free to buy swtor cheap credits from Swtor2credits with 5% discount code "BG5OFF" to enjoy it!

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