Top Reasons why your website traffic dropped?

Posted by Straight Up Digital on April 21st, 2021

When Straight Up Digital does a website review there are many things that they look for they could be causing your website traffic to drop. Having the right SEO strategy on the Gold Coast could make all the difference between your business and your competitors.

  1. Duplicate Content

If there is one thing that Google hates for your SEO it’s duplicate content. In the past the sneaky way to see you jump up the rankings was to load up on key word specific text across many pages on your website. Google sees this as a manipulation of the system and if they believe there is malicious intent to increase traffic, they may penalize the pages that have duplicate content.

  1. Algorithm Changes

In the race for search engine perfection Google is always looking for ways to improve results by changing their algorithms. In doing so many sites suffer from rankings losses as they are no longer optimised for the new algorithm. The team at Straight Up Digital are always across the fluid SEO Gold Coast landscape and can help your business stay at the top of the rankings.

  1. Redirect Errors

Most sites will have re directs in place especially if you have changed developers or are using plug ins on a WordPress platform. It’s important that when you use a redirect that you test it first to ensure that it works correctly before going live on the web. Straight Up Digital can do a website audit to ensure that your website is performing to its optimal level.

  1. Ranking losses

One the most common reasons for a loss of traffic to your website is due to a loss in your organic ranking. There are many ways that you can check how your site is ranking from a keyword perspective, Google Analytics is free software that you can use to see how your keywords are ranking. This is bread and butter for Straight Up Digital, the team will be able to check your keyword ranking and have your SEO on the Gold Coast primed.

  1. Simple Technical issues

There is an artform to specialised SEO and even the simplest of mistakes could see your rankings plummet. Having an SEO expert on the Gold Coast who is across your business and website will ensure that you stay at the top of the rankings.

For your SEO needs on the Gold Coast, Straight Up Digital can get your website to the top of the rankings and beyond. Years of experience in the fine art of SEO, there hasn’t been a problem encountered that they haven’t fixed. The business is to improve the performance of your business’s website and create longer and more profitable customer engagement.

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