What's Shopify Payment Method & How to change it?

Posted by Stephen on April 22nd, 2021

In the Shopify marketplace, there is a default Shopify payment which is automatically integrated into the shops. Nonetheless, by and large, online shoppers need to make purchases by their accessible items with the most advantageous methods. In this manner, it is fundamental for any Shopify store owners to realize how to change the payment method on Shopify?

By a tick on this article, the online merchants will realize how to alter their stores to have an appropriate Payment method for their customers.

There are different methods for the store owners to shift their methods other than Shopify's own door. For instance, online merchants can decide to make purchases through PayPal with or without paid records. Moreover, Stripe is another decision for them to optimize their payment process.

To find more about how to add other Shopify payment methods, we should keep on perusing this post.

What is the Payment Method?

In Shopify, the payment method with different payment passages is a successful tool for any online store owner to manage all purchases on their Shopify stores.

Furthermore, the default Shopify Payment Gateway which is integrated into online shops, Shopify store owners can add any third-party suppliers. They can decide to pay by means of credit card or utilizing PayPal, ledgers, check cards, and so forth In this marketplace, Shopify sellers need to pay for repeating payments due to a standard cycle.

Change Shopify payment method in 5 Steps

Step 1: Change your credit card details

Step 2: Change your billing address

Step 3: Add a bank account to pay for your bills

Step 4: Change verified bank account information

Step 5: Save new Shopify payment method


Here is the detailed guide to help you Change Shopify Payment Method.

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