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Posted by Marcus McGowan on April 22nd, 2021

After forming a business firm or any related, various employees are recruited according to the needs of a particular business either it is large scale or small scale. Through this recruitment, employers are elected to protect the dealings of business, most of the managers are fairly treating their workers to make goodwill and for the survival. But still, there will be a chance of rising any issues and the employers will feel their rights are violated. Such occasions are usual and knowing how to deal with such incidents is necessary. Employment Laws are provided by every state and federal authority to protect the rights of employees in the workplace. Various laws and regulations are there to protect the discrimination against the workers in the United States and Los Angeles, these can be categorized into discrimination that happens in hiring, promotion, termination, and workplace discipline.

Employment Governing Laws

Following are several laws related to employment which is mainly existing in the workplaces:

•    Title VII of Civil Rights Act: This civil rights act, enacted in 1964, prohibits discrimination and harassment based on color, ethnicity, sex, faith, or nationality. After all, this law prohibits sexual discrimination in the workplace.

•    The Equal Pay Act: According to the Equal Pay Act, females and males in the same employment are both entitled to the same pay rate for the same job and operating hours. Giving wages or salaries to both males and females must not be discriminatory.

•    The Age Discrimination in the Employment: This legislation, also recognized as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), is responsible for shielding jobs aged 40 and over from workplace discrimination. ADEA also provides some requirements for granting employers the right to collective bargaining, including the requirement that they are in a position of great level policy-making at work.

•    Americans with Disabilities: According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, any company must hire people with disabilities who are as qualified as all employees. The selection must be made solely based on credentials, not on any prejudice against the candidate.

•    The Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act: This law, also identified as GINA, was signed into law in 2008 and prohibits discrimination in the workplace depending on individual biological information. It also prevents displaying such separation based on a person's predisposed medical problems due to the family's past.

•    The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: This law forbids discrimination in the workplace depending on a woman's pregnancy. Several complaints of pregnancy prejudice have been filed with the Los Angeles regulatory body.

The statute and order in effect regarding this racist action on the part of employees allows for a variety of remedies, including the repayment of compensation lost due to prejudice, a legal order requiring the company to end discrimination in the workplace, and compensatory damages for the victim's emotional stress, among others.

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