How Wrongful Termination Lawyers Can Make You Compensated After Firing?

Posted by Marcus McGowan on January 22nd, 2021

Most employers in the US hire employees with an ‘at-will’ clause – which means your employer has the power to fire you (or you may quit) for a certain reason or just without any reason. However, according to Federal Law, any kind of laid-off by the violation of anti-discrimination law, employment contract, or as an upshot of retaliation due to whistleblowing is illegal. Similarly, a ‘constructive dismissal,’ whereas an employee is forced to quit the job due to any of the above reasons is equally unlawful.

So, after being fired, if it feels that you’re wrongfully discharged, contact wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles right away to get justice. The seasoned pool of lawyers listen to the whole episode, evaluate whether or not it’s wrongful termination, and take up the matter by law. The article here explains the types of wrongful termination and about its possible compensation package.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

Employers cannot fire employees by violating anti-discrimination characteristics – based on race/color, religion, national origin, or a physical disability including pregnancy or age. Even after having good performance, dutifulness, and obedience to your workplace rules, if you’re fired from the workplace on discriminatory grounds, working with wrongful termination attorneys is the right resort for you to get your legal right.        

Violation of Contract

Did you sign an employment contract at the time of joining? If so, both you and your employer are obligated to stick to the terms mentioned in it. Well, even if, you don’t have a signed contract, the employer may be still accountable to honor certain ‘implied contracts, for instance, if you’re hired for a period of six months, but before the completion of the period, if you’re fired without any reason, you can sue the employer with wrongful termination lawyers to get you compensated.

Retaliation Grounds

Regardless of you are working for an employer covered by Federal or State law, the law protects you from illegal termination or a constructive dismissal in retaliation by the employer in the event that you might have reported to the public authorities concerning the unethical acts performed at your workplace or a hazardous working environment. Similarly, being a victim of sexual harassment by your superior, if you have reported to the management and fired in retaliation, without any delay consult your trusted wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles for necessary consultation to making your employer compensate your damages.  

Violation of Public Policies

Public policy basically refers to a set of standard social norms that society agrees upon. And your firing may be considered illegal by wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles whereas your employer’s decision goes against these principles of public policy. Some common examples are:

•    If an employee is fired exercising his/her legal right – such as taking a leave for voting right.  

•    If an employee is fired due to refusal to perform any illegal act like– denial to submit a fraudulent tax document of the employer.

•    Firing an employee for reporting on illegal misconduct takes place in the business or whistleblowing.

Wrongful Termination – Compensation  

After thorough evaluation and investigation of the root cause of your unfortunate firing, if the wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles identify it as unlawful, they suggest you go ahead with a wrongful termination claim. Such claim of compensation may be settled out-of -the-court through negotiation with your employer or a lawsuit. The constituents of a compensation package may include

•    Restoring you to your earlier position/ or even with promotion;

•    Paying your all your lost wages;

•    Paying lost benefits;

•    Damages (compensation) for suffering and emotional distress;  

•    Punitive damages;

•    Injunctive relief;

•    Attorney’s fees;

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