What animal are you: Insightful yet fun

Posted by juanoliv3 on July 29th, 2015

Tests and questions need not always relate to examinations or doctors; some can be fun though equally significant in observations and results. When we are asked about issues relating to current affairs or flaws in our diet, we may frown. But when quizzed about our personality traits, attitudes and general approach to life, we tend to be open and frank though biased towards the self. Psychologists have evolved various ways to understand human personality types by constructing questionnaires and interactive methods. One novel way is to find out which animal are you, so that your traits can be fathomed. If by now you are wondering, what animal am I, then read on.

Each animal has a unique nature and survival instinct. But recent research shows that many species show certain traits more than others. Humans also mirror animal characteristics to a great extent with a few features being particularly pronounced. Analysts have established the equation between animal and human personality traits thereby making it easy to identify which animal are you. Combining the genius of the internet revolution with such scientifically designed personality tests, there are online portals which offer to provide an answer in case you are wondering what animal am I.

Through years of careful research with a variety of permutations of question-answer sets, efficient test-holders have devised sound ways to calculate the most possible animal type for every willing respondent. The wide variety of questions asked during which animal are you generate a unique combination of multiple-choice response sets. Since every query is related to bringing out some aspect of your personality, the pattern of questions changes with the kind of answers selected by the respondent, as the test progresses. This generates a unique combination of attributes for each individual seeking to ask what animal am I.

From the subject’s point of view, the test is extremely engrossing as it makes you introspect. Usually it has been found that while answering questions relating to which animal are you, your inner emotions, instincts and value systems are revisited. Competent online personality test portals also make conscious efforts to provide a unique experience with a detailed analysis of your personality traits, based on your answers to what animal am I. Other exciting factors are added to make the tests appealing such as exploring compatibility levels of two animal types and information about celebrities who have the same type as you.

While serious online horoscope predictions about your future burden you with grave notions of life, personality tests are much more enjoyable and introspective in nature. While you are made to know which animal are you, you can bring about changes in your attitude yourself, if you find some aspects to be unappealing or unsociable. So, if your result to what animal am I is that you are some animal which is self-seeking and ruthless, you can bring about the desired improvements without worrying about a doomsday prediction which states you will be left without many friends. Join the millions who have chosen a competent online site for these personality tests and discover more about you by finding a mirror image in the animal world.

If you are wondering what animal am I then quickly find a competent personality test online. Efficient and scientifically developed tests will show you which animal are you and throw up interesting results for you.

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