Environment friendly thatched roofing for your house

Posted by AxelPrice on August 10th, 2015

Thatching is quite an ancient method of roofing used specially in tropical countries. Dry vegetation is used to make the roof as a layer on original roof or as direct roof. You can have thatched roofing on your farmhouse or country house to add a pastoral feel to the existing building. Thatched roofs are widely gaining popularity as they are completely eco friendly. When you decide to add thatched roof to your house, experts in thatching services will work wonders for you. Thatched roofs help to drain water away from your house. Consult the master thatchers from the heart of England on the benefits and advantages of thatching services.

Thatched roofing can be simple or with elegant designs to match the architectural style of your house. Designs can be added on the extensions over windows to add a simple but elegant look to your roof. Experienced companies in thatching services will first provide free quotations after extensive and detailed survey of your roof. Once you entrust them with the job, you are guaranteed of quality work as the workmen come with years of work experience. You can submit your contact details on the website of the agency and representatives will get in touch with you soon. Engage a company that has undertaken big commercial projects as well as small residential projects for thatching.

When you call a reputed company for thatching services your job will be undertaken at reasonable and competitive rates. Thatched roofing can be of various styles using a wide variety of materials. An agency engaged in thatched roof service will advice you about the durability and cost involved to help you decide better. Water reed thatch is long lasting, hence ideal for new houses where it can sustain for nearly half a century. Another benefit of using this material is that birds are not attracted to it as they are to wheat straw or long straw which require a wire mesh to prevent birds from spoiling them.

Not only in terms of durability, each type will give your property a varied look. So, you should judiciously plan and visualize the thatched roofing first and then decide on the choice. Wheat straw brings about a neat and tidy look to the roof and is intricately trimmed all around. On the other hand, long straw gives a more natural look with strands of straw hanging out in tufts. This type of thatched roof is characteristic to English farmhouses and quintessential to rural English countryside. From 20 years to nearly 60 years would be the average life of thatched roofs depending on the kind of thatching services you employ.

You can view the online gallery of the website of leading agencies proficient in thatching services and see the quality of work they are capable of. The various styles and designs which are possible to create with thatched roofing can be seen online which will give you ideas for your property’s roof style. The testimonials and certificates provided by past clients act as a guarantee of their service. Materials used are treated to make them fire retardant. So, you can install thatched roof without any tension.

You can set up the most authentic looking thatched roofing for your house in the countryside. You can get best thatching services at very economical rates from reliable agencies.

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