Field Service Tracking Software for Home Repair Companies

Posted by sunainaram on August 12th, 2015

Are you running a home repair company that provides all types of repair services for clients? If your company involves having many on-site technicians who make house calls, then you should definitely invest in a good employee location tracking software. Before we take a deep look at the benefits of using the field service tracking software, let’s understand the basics first.

This mobile based software application can be easily downloaded to a Smartphone and used anytime anywhere. The platform is generally cloud or server based and can be accessed from anywhere. The application in the Smartphone uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to accurately track the location. In layman’s language, you will be able to keep track of your field agent’s movements from the comfort of your office. Doesn’t it sound convenient? Yes, it is not only easy to operate, but also gives you real time updates on your employee’s location.

Let’s see how it works! Simple, just create an account with the GPS location service provider to get access to the platform. Then download the software application and install it in a Smartphone that you give your employees. Request your technicians to carry this Smartphone with them when they go on house calls. Their location is constantly tracked by the GPS tracker.

So, wondering how this employee location tracking software can help your company? There are many benefits in using this field service tracking software. First and foremost, this software helps improve productivity and performance. As the employees know that they are continuously under the radar, they will not dally over travel and tasks and reach the spot on time. The time they spend in the client’s house during the repairs and services will also be tracked by the GPS tracker. The manager with his/her experience will be able to judge the time spent on each servicing call. With this exact information, the manager will be able to find out if the technicians are doing their work properly or simply wasting time and effort.

There’s another reason why this employee location tracking software is beneficial for home servicing companies. In most cases, customers have urgent requirements and will expect a technician to immediately come to their place and do the repair works. As soon as the company gets a service call, the manager can effortlessly locate the technician closest to the locality and send him there. So, the problem is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

In more ways than one, the field service tracking software proves to be useful for home servicing companies.

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