10 Important Applications of Using Conveyor Belt Deicer

Posted by novamen on September 9th, 2015

Conveyor belts make it easier to transport items from one point to another. They are used for various applications, such as industrial, manufacturing, and transportation. Conveyor belts may be subject to various temperature changes and conditions that may cause them to deteriorate or unable to perform to their fullest. Hence, they require special care, and operators should make sure that there is nothing that could prevent or obstruct their function. A conveyor belt deicer can be helpful in the winter or when the weather starts getting cold. Here are 10 important applications and reasons for using a conveyor belt deicer:

1.    Prevent the delay of industrial and construction tasks and projects – Ice can build up and cause problems during jobs. Extremely low temperatures can make steel brittle and susceptible to breaking. Conveyor belt deicers are manufactured to deal with such extreme temperatures.
2.    Prevent the formation of frost and ice – Conveyor belts may slow down, get stuck, or tear due to the formation of frost and ice, especially after a downpour. An appropriate deicer will help keep the conveyor belt running and prevent the buildup of ice and snow.

3.    Increase the safety of workers – Your staff can feel safer and they can become more productive when there are no problems in your conveyor belt systems. Hence, you can improve delivery times and minimize the time and expenses associated with materials handling.

4.    Eliminate or reduce costs for repair and maintenance – Frost and ice formation may cause the belt to be misaligned. Deicers can prevent coal handling issues and tracking problems that are typically caused when ice or frost forms on the conveyor belt.

5.    Minimize ice buildup – Conveyor belt deicers can provide cover friction to reduce the buildup of ice on the belt and its pulleys.

6.    Mining – Mining companies rely on conveyor belts to carry coal safely and fast, and to prevent backslides, which may occur when belts harden. A deicer ensures a proper and productive work flow when it prevents ice from forming. It produces belt cover friction, so coal can be carried efficiently.

7.    Eliminate materials handling issues – Ice glazing, dust, and other debris may build up on a conveyor belt. Deicers can be used with other chemicals to help remove those problems to ensure a smoother work flow.

8.    Oil and gas industries – Conveyor belt deicers are safer for removing and prevention of ice or frost formation compared to open flame heaters and electric heaters. Their effect usually lasts longer, too, so you do not have to constantly reapply them throughout winter.

9.    Dust control – Manufacturers use active materials to make conveyor belt deicers. Dust control systems can be used together with deicers in mining and construction applications to suppress the formation of dust from surroundings.

10.     Construction – Conveyor belt deicers may be used to create safer work conditions, especially in construction. Deicers can help prevent or minimize labour accidents and downtime.

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