Birth Control Pills Allow Prevention of Possible Pregnancy

Posted by Nicholas Howard on September 16th, 2015

Medicinal contraceptives grant 100% protection from pregnancy after intercourse. If a woman indulges in unprotected sex, then she can utilize emergency pill that stop ovulation and possibility of getting pregnancy. A popular pill, Ovral L can be accessed easily, which contains progestin and estrogen hormone, obstruction uterine walls from accepting sperms, by altering its consistency along with that of the cervix. The ovaries loose the capacity of releasing eggs temporarily, with use of these pills.

As eggs remain immature, sperms cannot fertilize the same. The egg implantation procedure is also inhibited as uterus walls and lining are altered so that it cannot support the attachment of fertilized ovum. Thus, the contraceptive tablets completely devise biological conditions that do not support pregnancy. This product is only for controlling birth. Users should not administer the medicine for abortion. If pregnancy has taken place, then Ovral G and relevant pills cannot term to be effective.

Once the woman stops taking the contraceptives, her fertility and ovulation will resume normally. The administration of these tablets should be only done when required. There are other medical uses of such tablets, may be containing lower dosage of ingredients to treat acne, regularize menses etc. However, if accurate dose is ingested for birth control, then these can surely restrict pregnancy from occurring. The success of contraceptive tablets is very high for adult females around the world.

How Should Birth Control Medicines Be Taken?

Another condition for usage of these medicines is that they should be consumed in 5 days or 120 hours from intercourse. Women who have reached menopause or no longer menstruate should not utilize this hormonal remedy. Similarly, non-users must not ingest contraceptives or it can cause hormonal unbalance and other health complications. It is advisable to follow the dosage format for Loette tablets strictly. If a dose is missed, it can be taken soon when remembered.

However, if the dose clashes with next consumption period, then do not overdose. Consult doctor on forgetting ingesting of these tablets to understand how to proceed with birth control measure effectively. The products need to be taken orally with water without breaking, chewing or powdering the contents. The dose may either come in 21 day format or 28 days format. In the 21 day course, the woman should follow a pill everyday, consumed at same time daily (morning of evening).

A gap of 7 days must be maintained without the medicines. After this period, the female shall resume taking Ovral L, if required. But, for 28 day course, the 7 day placebo is replaced with intake of non-hormonal pills. The dosage indication for the initial 21 days is similar to that mentioned above. Being an emergency contraceptive, the tablets should be taken on time and not delayed after intercourse. Delay can render the effect of medicines to reduce.

Precautions and Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

Users should remember that medical contraceptives though preventing pregnancy, do not act like condoms i.e. prohibit sexually transmitted diseases and infections. If a person is already infected with HIV and other diseases that could be transferred sexually, the consumption of Ovral G cannot cure them or stop the partner from getting affected by the same. These products should be avoided with barbiturates, alcohol, smoking, anti-infection medications and anti-convulsion tablets. If the user is taking antibiotics or other remedies, she should talk to a doctor about the course of contraceptive pills.

Some women may be already allergic to the contents of birth control tablets. They should absolutely stay away from these products. Ask an expert about the agents and medicines that could interact with contraceptives, before proceeding with medical birth control. The Loette side effects are very rare and minor like nausea, vomiting, headache, irregular menstrual bleeding, breast tenderness, fatigue, diarrhea etc. These do not hamper lifestyle and may occur in spurts, and not linger for long.

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