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Posted by Aaeesha on September 21st, 2015

The race to be the leader in the mobile apps platform is giving way to very higher standards of competition and innovation is the key to excel in the industry.

The mobile ad campaign is looked upon as a very good medium to promote a product or service to a mass audience because of the viral nature of the ads. In the case advertisers take the help of various platforms or mobile operation systems in order to give the maximum visibility to the various brands and the companies definitely get good leads and profits in a short period of time.

There are many operating systems and then android app ads are regarded as the most popular and preferred medium to advertise and reach out quick and ensure effective response from smart phone users. The smart phone users have their own likes and preferences these days. They have loyalty towards some mobile operating systems and android platform is a much extensively used model. Various smart phone companies bring about the exterior look and feel changes but ensure that all the android functionalities are properly enabled.

While looking at the tenure of impact that most of these ads have in the smart phone medium, it is seen that there is no hard and fast rule as such. It all depends on the offer and the appeal metrics. If the ad is appealing, it goes viral and reaches across many geographical boundaries than what was estimated. If it is a brand building concept then the campaigns have really got to have the punch to attract a larger demographic population. The investment that goes into planning and execution of such type of mobile ad campaign requires a team of experts who will firs understand the pulse of the audience with reference to the product or service that they wish to advertise. 

Once this is done, the report helps to identify the target audience based on locality and gender. Then the ads are created in lieu of the offer or the unique selling proposition that has to be communication with a small space and a short time span as short as your flick an eye. The android app ads are very innovative, creative and trigger the mind of the smart phone users by relating to very common terms or situations. At times short period sweepstakes are really smart ways to get the desired results.

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