Laser Treatment for Pigmentation on Face

Posted by Aaeesha on May 5th, 2016

                                  Laser Treatment for Pigmentation on Face – Is it Safe?

Laser treatment is now being increasingly used for various cosmetic treatments. Accuracy and fast recovery are the two main reasons that have made laser treatments popular. Moreover, laser treatments for pigmentation on face offer long-lasting results. There are many skin clinics in Bangalore that offer laser treatment for skin pigmentation. When you visit a dermatologist for hyper or hypo pigmentation, the skin doctor may recommend laser treatment. With so much information available on the internet and advice from friends and acquaintances, you will be completely confused about taking up the treatment.

Many of your friends will probably tell you about the disadvantages and problems that could happen after the laser treatment. They will tell you about the side effects of laser treatment, which could be anything from skin blisters to uneven skin tone. However, you should remember that most treatments have some kind of side effect. If you take proper care and strictly follow the instructions given by the dermatologist, you will not have many problems.

The laser treatment for pigmentation on face will not take place in one sitting, but in a series of sittings. Based on the extent of pigmentation and the complexity of the skin problem, the dermatologist will prescribe the intensity of laser beam for treatment. As the treatment is done slowly over a period of time, there will not be any harsh effects on the skin.

After the treatment for pigmentation is completed, you should preferably stay away from harsh sunlight. It would be best to stay at home and avoid coming out during the day time. However, if it is difficult, try to come out when the sun’s heat is not so harsh, during early morning or evening. Also, you should wear a high SPF sub block when you come out so that the harsh UV rays of the sun don’t affect the tender skin exposed after the laser treatment. In case, there is any infection or continuing burning sensation, you should immediately consult your dermatologist and get the relevant medication.

Laser is the most advanced method for treating many skin conditions. It gives fast and long-lasting results. Plus, the laser beam can be focused only on a specific area so that even the areas close to the pigmented area is not affected. There are many benefits of laser treatment for pigmentation on face. Proper after care will ensure that there are no serious side effects after the treatment.

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